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There still is an influx of new players & a few significant changes since last Survive the Storm (StS), so I'll put up a guide, & evolve it as comments come in. Hopefully even oldtimes will learn a thing or 2.

If you never played StS, it is like playing Storm Shield Defense (your homebase); you have 1-3 generators to protect from 3 or 7 (or more) waves of mobs. Difference is waves usually come in from 2-3 sides, & you could run out of traps & bullets if you don't prepare.


Heroes: Level up as far as you can go. Helps to have heroes with AoE abilities. Now is a good time to review your FORT stats. Health should be higher, since you may end up fighting 1 side of a base solo. Your Machinist &/or Power BASE Constructors really shine here, since you'll want the base to last & traps to take care of most mobs. For Outlanders, Reclaimers (Shamrock & Fragment Flurry) are outstanding; since they can get a free fragment every 60 kills, they can get a free Teddy after one is finished IF you let the Teddy get most of the kills. (Most other Outlanders I'd avoid.)

Weapons: Level up your best weapons, & make spares; guns will wear out. Arrive with ammo near max, & share unused ammo. Explosive & AOE weapons shine here, but mats may be a limiting factor. Always have 1 long range Assault or Sniper loaded; you want to focus fire on Blasters, Propane, & Lobbers, letting the traps & AoE abilities take care of the rest.

Traps: Bring huge stacks of your best Crowd Control (traps that slow & stun) traps with a few key damage traps. Keep in mind material efficiency; some traps like a Legendary Wood Floor Spike might not be worth the extra planks over an Uncommon (I use a Rare Wood Floor since it has +28% Reload perk). BTW Wood Wall Spike damage seems to be raised a few patches ago, so comboed with Machinist can be strong.

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Mats (Ingredients): With the new stacks of 200, you have no excuses to come unprepared. Bullets can run out, traps may wear out or be smashed, etc Make the game Privacy: Private & farm away with an Outlander. Sometimes I'll do dailies on a public map down-leveled with a Pathfinder in Support Bonus. IF your Storm Shield storage is near-empty & have extra leveled Hereoes, expeditions squads can help gather resources. You can 'save' on time & backpack space by pre-making a stack of traps & spare guns. (I tend to wait a few days before StS incase I level up schematics.)


Base Layouts

In general, you want to be able to travel in the bases quickly while CC husks away from generators. Husks tend to not want to travel more than 4-6 tiles for a tunnel entrance, so 2-3 tunnels per side is ideal. I try to avoid triggering Propane tanks in the tunnels, so I'm experimenting with different trap mixes. I also find full wall mazes everywhere frustrating, since you can't get around, get on top of ceiling, & feel like a mouse.

Learn how to use Launchers well. I've seen a few folks who don't give Wall Launchers any clearance, or don't use angled walls above Floor Launchers. YouTube vids give some good ideas of their potentials, but StS has limited setup time, so don't get too fancy.

Wood Floor Spikes help group husks before the funnels to max out AoE potential.

I used zig-zag 1/3 walls with just Wood Floor Spikes & Wall Dynamos & little to no ceiling traps successfully before; they'll allow shooting from behind the traps. Well made boxes can work great also, though I'd avoid short 1-wide boxes since they're easier to destroy & will wear out. 2×2 & 2×3 boxes work good, as do 360 traps.

Wood is good for 'wall sandwiches' & spare Wood Floor Spikes; you'l want to use metal & brick for your walls in tunnels & protecting objectives.

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One trick I tried was building ceiling traps above the spawns; helps soften them.

BTW, I'm looking for good videos to explain fast trap boxes…

Fighting Styles

It is best to use 'buddy system' where 2 folks take one side of the base layouts. One focuses on killing ranged, other fixes walls, trap adjustments, etc. Both will share heals & reses, focus on Smashers.

Older StS guide by FinallyRage

In conclusion, keep in mind the limited time & resources when playing a StS map. They're fun to play, & good learning experience how to work under constraints.

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