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FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Guide for beginners

Since StW is cheaper so more people will buy it, more people will begin StW. And they might not know what to do first since there's so much to do when you first begin. So I've decided to make a guide for beginners since I have quite the experience on StW and I want them to have the best experience possible.

  1. NEVER TRADE WITH STRANGERS This is a bad idea, especially if you just started since you don't have a lot to trade and your weapons are not great compared to what you can have. And Stonewood is known to have a lot of traders/scammers so I don't recommend doing that. I mostly recommand trading with people you trust such as your friends. But if you see a random player boxing you in and dropping a weapon for you, you can since he just want to gift you something. Or maybe he just wants to trade so be careful

  2. Don't waste your materials Materials are an essential thing to StW since you need them to craft your weapons or traps. So if you waste them by giving some to others or crafting too much stuff, stop right now. Instead, craft what you really need and save materials for when you'll need it

  3. Perks are pretty good In StW, weapons and traps can have special traits that can buff them. They're called perks and they're all good in their ways. If you're wondering what they are, here they are

  4. Damage

  5. Headshot Damage (Weapon only)

  6. Critical Damage

  7. Critical Rating (The % chance of having a critical hit)

  8. Durability (In StW your weapons and traps can break so this can help)

  9. Fire Rate

  10. Magazine Size

  11. Reload Speed

  12. Effect Duration (Traps only)

  13. Life Leech (Melee only)

  14. Movement Speed (Melee only)

  15. Impact

  16. Heavy Attack Energy Efficiency (Melee only. This reduces the amount of energy taken from a melee heavy attack)

  17. Attack Speed (Melee only)

  18. Weapon Stability (Weapon only)

  19. Armor (Melee only)

  20. Damage to Mist Monsters & Bosses

  21. Damage to afflicted targets

  22. Damage to slowed & snared targets

  23. Damage to stunned/staggered/frozen/knocked down (Melee only)

  24. Increased Building Health (Traps only)

  25. Heals attached building X% of its Max Health every 10 seconds (Traps only)

As you can see, there's a lot to choose from. And you can have any perk you want for your weapon/trap so be creative (though I would recommend Critical Damage and Critical Rating since it's really good but you do you).

  1. Weapons/Traps in general They at least have one thing in common: the elements. Each one of them deals more damage to a certain type of elemental husk and less to one. There's a total of 5 elements: Fire, Water, Nature, Energy and Physical. Fire is more effective against Nature but less against Water, Nature is more effective against Water but less against Fire, Water is more effective against Fire and less effective against Nature and Energy and Physical are more effective against normal husks. But you don't have to worry too much for elemental husks since there's not a lot in Stonewood. It's after Stonewood that you need to worry about that since it's affects the damage dealt to husks. It works the same with traps. There's also the weapon/trap evolution, which doesn't really affect traps but really affects weapons since it changes the recipe for crafting. But I won't get into details since beginners only to focus on 2-star evolution

  2. I need a hero (iykyk) Heroes (which are not skins at all) are the most essential things about StW since without them, you're worthless. And each of them have their own commander perk that can boost your abilities or weapons such as increasing the damage of your Assault weapons or increasing the duration of T.E.D.D.Y. . But that's not all. You can have up to 5 other heroes to boost you up even more. Though they'll have their hero boost which is what you're main hero has when it's below the 2-star evolution. So if you want to have the beat loadout possible, make sure to recruit them to make the strongest team out there

  3. Choose your class Heroes are divided into 4 categories: Soldier, Outlander, Ninja and Constructor. Here's how they act and are:

Soldier – Made for going in and doing a lot of damage Outlander – Great for looting and defending an objective with their tools. They are the only ones that can use fragments. Fragments can make the Outlander use either its Shock Tower or T.E.D.D.Y Ninja – Excels in melee attacks with melee weapons and their abilities. They can go away from danger pretty easily with their double jump Constructor – Made for defense with its B.A.S.E. and crowd control with its abilities. B.A.S.E. acts like a trap and can be only placed on a floor tile so make sure to give the B.A.S.E. some space

This is pretty much everything you need to know. It took me some time to make this so I sincerely hope it'll help some beginners out there. All I can say is good luck commander and have fun out there.

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