[GUIDE] How to always have materials for weapons/traps without any need for trading or farming.

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - [GUIDE] How to always have materials for weapons/traps without any need for trading or farming.

1.(The most important) Play the game.What i mean by that is the more missions u do, the better. Look for storm / alert / group cooldown missions only.Many many mats are coming passively by doing missions. The best and easiest way to choose which missions to do is to check your main story or side quests and use storm cooldowns on them.

2.(During missions) Do Storm Chests or any other easy side tasks that give some value materials while waiting for objective or party to get ready.Call all of your team or pay attention to chat if someone finds that chest. Storm Chest drops small quantities of rare materials and few weapons. DO NOT use these weapons, their purpose is to be recycled (which give another few rare materials).

3.(Important thing that people ignore) Send heroes to expeditions.The most important type of expeditions here are the "Red Boxes" expeditions. They give healthy amounts of ammo / trap materials, for example Fibrous Herbs, Nuts n Bolts and Bacon. Try to go for the highest possible chances of successfuly completing the expedition. Even if you've ~95% of success, it can still fail and you will LOSE all that time.


4.(Gadgets). In terms of gadgets, you have 2 slots for them. It's helpful to have "Supply Drop". Supply drop at early stages gives only wood/brick/metal but on later stages it does drop some lower tier materials, ammo and traps. The 2nd slot can be used for Hover Turret/Banner/Adrenaline Rush/Slow Field. (Other options aren't that attractive).

5.(The least important things) Use cheap/durable guns and/or heroes that do not need to use any weapons.By that i mean to NOT USE any weapons that need tons of bullets to kill anything. The higher damage per bullet the better. Some hero squads allow you to not use any guns (for the most part) at all (for example, good old Grizzly).

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Maybe this thing will help someone, because it helped me a lot.

This is what i have for following these steps (the higher your power level, the easier it will be).

PS: I don't need all these Nuts n Bolts so i can give away some.PSS: DON'T LEECH

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