Guide: How to be a Great Save the World Teammate (text and infographic)

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Guide: How to be a Great Save the World Teammate (text and infographic)

Hello new Commander, and welcome to our community in Save the World! I absolutely love this game, and have spent many, many, many (too many) hours on it. Full disclosure: it was actually the first cooperative game I ever tried out. When I started, I wasn’t really sure what was expected of me as a member of a team made up of random strangers, all coming together through public matchmaking to achieve one objective. Fortunately, I met some great fellow commanders along the way who have taught me a lot. Having played the game for a while now, I’ve noticed that some other players also struggle to understand the expectations of them in a co-op game, so here is my guide to “How to be a Great Save the World Teammate”.

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1. Go to the objective quickly. Each mission you enter will be focused on a particular objective. Make sure that you are clear on what that objective is and that you get started on the objective quickly.

  • If you’re not sure what the next stage of the objective is, it is normally on the right-hand side of your screen (e.g. ‘Locate Lars’ van’ or ‘Survivors rescued: 1/6’).
  • It’s fine to get a daily quest challenge or a questline challenge in a public match, but this really shouldn’t take you any more than 5 minutes. After that, you should go to the objective and help out.
  • For missions like Rescue the Survivors and Eliminate and Collect you can get your personal quests as you run around the map completing the mission, but make sure your priorities are always mission first, personal quest second.
  • In non-timed defence objectives, once the objective is ready you can always ask your teammates to give you another minute or two to go and finish your personal quest. Some quests they can also help with, e.g. daily destroys.

2. Help with all parts of the mission. Here are some examples of how to do this:

  • If other teammates are building, then upgrade the structures they place, or drop materials for them.
  • If a teammate is trapping one side of the objective, then you could offer to give them some crafting materials, or go and trap the other side yourself.
  • In defence objectives, make sure you stay and fight for the whole of the defence.
  • For missions where there are basic objectives and bonus objectives (e.g. Rescue the Survivors, Build the Radar Grid, Eliminate and Collect, Resupply), when you are in a public game, then you should keep going until you have got all the bonus objectives.
    • Top tip for Rescue the Survivors: when you run around the map, if you run past a survivor, even if you are 20 metres away, you will ‘trigger’ that survivor so that husks start attacking it. The survivor will die unless one of your team goes up to it and kills the husks. Every time you hear Ray say ‘Survivor in danger!’ then check on your map to see whether you are the one who has triggered that survivor, and if you have, go and save it. Also, there are a total of 15 survivors on the map in this mission – try and see if you can save them all!

3. Come into the mission prepared. Make sure you have your own schematics, traps and crafting materials before you start. Don’t beg or ask other players for resources.

  • If you are short on materials to craft weapons or traps, then do some farming beforehand (see point 4, below).
  • If you don’t have the schematics levelled up, then do some lower level missions that reward schematic XP, so you can build up your own inventory. This is a really important part of the game, and unfortunately you can’t rely on other people to give you weapons – this is okay to do once or twice, but won’t see you through to the end-game.

4. Always farm in private (or ‘Friends only’)

  • This game is a grindy game, and you will need to farm lots of different types of materials to craft weapons and traps and build your defences.
  • However, players who farm in public matches are known as ‘leechers’, as they spend their time away from the objective, getting materials for themselves rather than helping their teammates.
    • If you have a player like this in your mission, you should report them.
  • As mentioned in point 1, it’s okay to take 5 minutes at the beginning of the match for personal things like quests or farming. After that, you should be helping with the objective.
  • If you need a longer farming session, you can change your game settings to ‘Private’ under the main menu. You can then farm in a zone for as long as you need. You will keep all the resources that you gather during missions, even if you leave without finishing, or fail the mission.

5. Don’t trade in public matches.

  • Save the World players hold lots of different views on trading (swapping weapons or materials with other players), as you’ll probably see if you read through this sub for any length of time!
  • If you want to trade, there are plenty of online forums (e.g. subreddits or discord channels) that allow you to find people who want to trade materials with you, and you can do this privately in your stormshield.
  • Trading in public matches disrupts the gameplay for your teammates, and also many players go into matches to find a trade and leave afterwards, which leaves the whole team short a commander.

6. Boost everyone’s rewards by completing additional activities during the mission. For example:

  • Activate bluglo pylons, to give you all a boost in stats for the duration of the match.
  • Fully explore the zone, by opening up all parts of the map. This will count towards everybody’s ‘World Explorer’ challenge and get you a higher tier reward chest at the end of the game.
  • Save survivors that you run past. Everyone in the team is eligible for the reward (often ammo or crafting materials) and it counts towards everybody’s survivor challenges.
  • Call out in team chat before you open a Storm Chest or do a Target Practice challenge (by writing ‘Come here’ or ‘SC’). It will make the activity a lot easier, and everybody then benefits from the rewards.

7. Use chat responsibly – voice chat and text chat

  • Voice and text chat can be great ways of communicating with teammates. Make sure you are tuned to the correct channels (‘Game chat’ for public matches) and keep an eye on the text during the game so you don’t miss out.
  • Always be kind and considerate to your fellow teammates in chat. I have experienced a lot of swearing, harassment and general abuse in text and voice chat, and it really makes the in-game experience quite horrible. I know people who have stopped playing the game over toxic communications from other players. Think about who might be on the receiving end of your communications – a lot of children play this game. Every player deserves to be treated with respect.
    • And if you have somebody in your game who is harassing or bullying you or another player, then make sure you report them immediately.
  • If you have a mic that is permanently on, then change your settings to ‘Push to talk’ so that your teammates aren’t subjected to huge amounts of background noise (people arguing, TV, you eating, etc.)

8. Be careful around trap tunnels

  • Trap tunnels are a really useful way of defending an objective, but it’s easy for one propane husky or one lobber to wreck the whole thing, if players aren’t being careful.
  • Lobbers and propane husks will throw at players. So if you are standing on top of the tunnels or in the tunnels, they will throw at you. Propane husks will also throw when they feel trapped, e.g. when a massive T.E.D.D.Y. is standing in the middle of the tunnel, causing a husk traffic jam. Abilities like shockwave and frag grenades can set off propanes on the ground, and so can shooting guns into the tunnels.
  • So here are the rules of being a good teammate around trap tunnels:
    • Don’t stand inside or on top of the trap tunnels
    • Don’t place T.E.D.D.Y. inside or in front of the trap tunnels
    • Don’t use your hero abilities inside or in front of the trap tunnels
    • Don’t shoot into the trap tunnels (and don’t place your defenders in places where they can shoot into trap tunnels)
  • Where should you stand? This is a great question. Either stand on the objective, sniping from a distance and picking up any smashers and huskies that get through the tunnels. Or stand and fight at the spawn point.

I hope you've enjoyed my guide to being a great Save the World teammate, and please feel free to comment below, and let me know any other qualities that make a great teammate.

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