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What are materials?

Materials or “mats” refer to either world resources or crafting ingredients. World Resources are used to build structures (walls, floors, roofs, etc.) with wood, brick, and metal. Crafting ingredients refer to items to make weapons, traps, and ammo.

How I get them?

You harvest these materials by smashing them with your handy pickaxe to eventually destroy them. As you smash the object, a target with two blue circles and an orange dot will appear known as a critical spot. If you hit that spot with your pickaxe, your pickaxe damage doubles while playing a small jingle signaling that you hit it. The critical spot will then randomly move to another spot on the object. If you consistently hit the critical spot in fast succession, the jingle slightly rises up in pitch.

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Notice how you also get more materials on a critical pickaxe hit.

World resources are harvested as you smash and destroy the object. Crafting ingredients are obtained once you destroy the object. You can also “search” some objects by using the search button while close and looking at an object.

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You must hold the Search button according to the prompt until it's done. You can change it to a tap to Search in the Options.

World Resources

Wood icon - Guide to Materials

Wood : Fragile and vulnerable to the fire element, but easy to obtain and fast to build/repair. Not used often for defenses but handy in other ways. Often found in Grasslands, Forests, and the Lakeside. The outskirts of Cities and Industrial Parks are also viable biomes.
  • Uses:
    • Trap tunnels that are far from the objective.
    • Quick Lobber or Flinger Barrier
    • Slightly slow down husks in trap tunnels with 2/3 low walls.
  • Objects with Wood:
    • Trees
    • Neatly Stacked Planks
    • Bushes
    • Non-player wooden structures

Stone (or Brick) : Stronger than wood but vulnerable to the water element. Used fairly often and used as the middleman to avoid overuse of wood and metal. Often found in Deserts, Ghost Towns, and Thunder Route 99. Like Wood, Stone can also be obtained at the outskirts of Cities and Industrial Parks.

  • Uses:
    • Great for general trap tunnel use.
    • Can substitute wood or metal uses to keep balance of world resource consumption.
    • Main defense for the objective if Nature Storm and/or Metal Corrosion.
  • Objects with Stone:
    • Rocks/Boulders
    • Neatly Stacked Bricks
    • Piles of Rubble
    • Non-player bricked structures

Metal : Strongest material of the three but vulnerable to the nature element. Takes a while to build and repair. Used very often for the last line of defense. Often found in the Suburbs, Cities, and Industrial Parks. All other areas tend to be a bit sparse on metal unless you venture to caves and mountains.

  • Uses:
    • The go-to material to protect to objective.
    • Trap tunnels close to objective.
    • Perfect to influence the Husk AI pathing to go to certain places like trap tunnels or “jails” by building walls to block paths.
  • Objects with Metal:
    • Vehicles
    • Technology (TVs, Arcade Machines, Parking Meters, etc.)
    • Stacked Metal Pipes
    • Non-player metal structures

Crafting Ingredients

Basic Crafting Ingredients

You will be using these very often for your weapons, traps, and ammo. These can be found anywhere, but not as common as world resources.

Advanced Crafting Ingredients

Similar to the basic ingredients but comes in different tiers. These materials are use for weapons and trap of the same tier. For example, creating a weapon of tier 1 would use Rusty Parts, Rough Powder, Copper Ore, and/or Stringy Twine. Do note that as you get closer to the end of area, the next tier of ingredients may rarely or occasionally to start appear as you harvest objects. This chart shows where they usually appear.

Tier 1 – StonewoodTier 2 – PlankertonTier 3 – Canny ValleyTier 4 – Twine PeaksTier 5 – Twine Peaks (+103)*
CrystalShadowshardSunbeam crystal icon - Guide to MaterialsSunbeam
Mechanical PartsRustySimpleSturdySleekEfficient
Mineral PowderRoughSimpleFine-grainChar-BlackOxidized
Silver ore icon - Guide to MaterialsSilverMalachite
Brightcore ore icon - Guide to MaterialsBrightcore

This is a recommended level to find Tier 5 more often. They can show up as early as PL94.*

Other Ingredients

Used occasionally for certain schematics.

  • Blast Powder
    • Used for most ranged weapons unless it is Shadowshard and Energy Cell ammo. Can only be obtained from using 1x Coal and 4x Rough Ore.
  • Duct Tape
    • Used for (un)common ranged weapons and wooden wall/floor spike traps. This can also be obtained by crafting it from 3x Fibrous Herbs and 1x Adhesive Resin.

Where are the ingredients?!

Don’t know where they are? This chart shows where you can usually find them…

Click the image to get a better a view of the graph.

Note: "Strange Places" for Active Powercells refers to random gnomes scattered about in random locations. For bacon, this could be tin cans (usually hidden behind rock clusters or furniture) or searchable food related objects.

Extra Tips to getting Materials

  • Keep in mind that you will not get crafting ingredients if another player lands the final blow to destroying the object instead of you. This also includes husks, husk spawns, or storm lightning strikes destroying the object(s).
  • Doing side objectives like building a radar tower, encampments, and saving survivors can also give you world resources or crafting materials. However, saving survivors in a Save The Survivors mission do not give rewards.
  • If you position yourself close to the corner or edge of an object while harvesting, the critical spot will most likely stay in the same place or barely move. Making getting critical pickaxe hits faster and easier.
  • Recycle! If you have collected weapons or traps you don't want during missions, you can recycle them materials.
  • Some missions may have crafting materials as mission awards. These may be things like Quartz Crystals, Obsidian/Brightcore Ore, Shadowshard/Sunbeam Crystals, Rotating Gizmos, and Active Powercells.

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