Guides collection from various contributors of this subreddit (non-exhaustive)

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The guides section in this subreddit has been recently updated and I thought this is a good time to share a list of guides that i’ve bookmarked over time.

I hope it can help players to find some information they missed and moderators to add content in the wiki.

Though long, this list isn’t exhaustive and may contain outdated information along with useful ones in the same post and that’s why dates are present.

Special mention to the Whitesushi’s Fortnite Loadout Spreadsheet, never mentioned enough.

Note: I started playing in March 2018 and today i’m a PL 87, certainly not extraordinary but my experience would not be the same without this community and the great work that emerges. Thanks.



Posted or UpdatedTitleAuthor
2018-10-17Mission rewards: an overview of changes to chest tiers with Patch 6.10LateOnMemes
2018-09-26Simple guide to all the “How should I perk this weapon?” and “Is my 6th perk useless?” questions.ThinSpiritual
2018-08-28Advanced Beginner’s Guide to STW (VERY LONG!)xOGx_Hermes
2018-08-13Beginners guide to increasing your damageWhitesushii
2018-08-06Powerlevel and F.O.R.T. Stats explanation for new PlayersEversorA
2018-07-26Advice for new players I have put together over time.Thetubtub
2018-07-18Advanced Beginner’s Guide to STW (VERY LONG!)xOGx_Hermes
2018-07-18Guide: Explaining the HUD of Save the World.Sran92
2018-05-15A Guide to Budget/Free Progression: Managing Survivors/Weapons/Other Cards.MagicHamsta
2018-03-28Explanation of the Skill Tree + Research Skill Treekavvson
2017-10-25A Guide to the Menus, Missions, and Managing Survivors/Weapons/Other CardsaFrequ

Build & Traps

Posted or UpdatedTitleAuthor
2018-09-20Trapping/funneling tips and strategies (for people who like walls of text!)Tonedefff
2018-09-01Basic funneling guideOwenRivers
2018-08-28Pathing/Funneling guide UPDATED and more adavanced tipsOwenRivers
2018-08-26yet another pathing guide, Noob friendly, with pictures, very basic stuff that everyone should know from the startOwenRivers
2018-07-30<Beginner’s Guide> Traps/Tunnelsgdibrian
2018-04-23Forget the hero meta, let’s talk about the building meta.thelonegoldfish
2018-04-163 tile wide trap tunnel. Good in STS missions.2nab
2018-03-28PRO TIPS for tunneling mobsendur3
2018-03-18Lots Of Super Efficient Build DesignsOpinionatedRanger
2018-02-13Building a better husk trapReikyu09
2018-01-16Guide on Funneling and TrappingReikyu09
2017-08-03Trap OverviewSpasticon
2017-07-28Plankerton Shield 1, Solo, 0 Shots Fired A.K.A. The deterrent sandwichSpasticon


Posted or UpdatedTitleAuthor
2018-08-14Farming is pretty painless if you let it be-Motor-
2018-07-05Nuts’n’Bolts Farming Strategy?Silvision
2018-04-26Bacon And You! (A Complete Bacon Guide)xDarkSoul18x
2017-08-10Nuts and Bolts: Where they are and how not to run out.Ralathar44


Posted or UpdatedTitleAuthor
2018-07-19Post Your Tier 3 Hero Cosmetics!Panaorios
2018-06-05Outlander Analysis GuideWhatah
2018-06-04Sran’s In-depth Guide to using Pathfinder outside of a farming mission.Sran92
2018-04-28PSA: The best place for B.A.S.E. is quite often NOT the middle of the objective.TheSteamyPunk
2018-04-27Four things to remember when you have a Constructor on the team.WNickW
2017-07-31In Depth Ninja Type Summary.CuteBeaver
2017-07-31In-depth Soldier type summaryfrvwfr2

Storm Shield Defense

Posted or UpdatedTitleAuthor
2017-07-30Stonewood Storm Defense Spawn MapMajian18
2017-09-06Map of some of the Canny Valley SSD SpawnsaFrequ
2018-10-04Twine Peaks SSD Reference Sheet OCT 2018 UPDATEDVocaloidNyan
2018-06-01Twine Peaks SSD Reference SheetVocaloidNyan
Fully Cleared Out Stonewood Lvl 10Biowott
Fully Cleared Out Plankerton Lvl 10Biowott
Fully Cleared Out Canny Valley lvl 10Biowott
Fully cleared out Twine Level 10PapaEtho123

Visual guides

Posted or UpdatedTitleAuthor
2018-10-08All the resources you need or PW level 58/82/106/130 gunsjackbrander15
2018-10-02Builds in Defense MissionsBuddyJumps
2018-09-26List for all possible unique lead survivor personality combinationsDarkTanatos
2018-09-18Ultimate guide for elemental damagejespergran
2018-07-31Optimal Horde Bash FortBuddyJumps
2018-07-22Found some Tutorial videos from Save the worldSpaceShip_Elevator
2018-06-11Community Favourites (Results)Whitesushii
2018-06-03Survivor Squads Cheat Sheetkorb3n
2017-11-23Visual Guide to Trap MaterialsWhitesushii
2017-08-09Visual Loot Guidet9x69


Posted or UpdatedTitleAuthor
2018-10-02PSA: Unlimited materials without farmingArman276
2018-10-01You can get a preview image of Quest items you have to look for.nico851
2018-09-26Use roof pieces for propane tanks or for a quick reset in battlepoppunkben
2018-07-17Some lovely tips to all the players getting STW for the first time!xOGx_Hermes
2018-04-17CCReviews Top Tips I Bet You Didn’t KnowDwrowla
2018-01-05New player tips & tricksKokoHekumatiaru
2017-09-30Ranked Tips for Starting Players in Fortnite PvE.Phuqued
2017-07-27Fast Travel via Jump Pads in your HomebaseXaymar


Posted or UpdatedTitleAuthor
Finalized Perks Combination CalculatorWhitesushii
Fortnite planner Homebase tool Fortiew v0.2M4qns3
Survivor Management Tool (V1)xOGx_Hermes

Maths & in-depth analysis

Posted or UpdatedTitleAuthor
2018-08-27Analysis: Best DMG/Shot Shotguns in game (Founder’s Deconstructor needs more love and attention)ThinSpiritual
2018-06-20Revisiting melee vs rangedWhitesushii
2018-04-02Survivors Guide: Advanced StuffWhitesushii


Posted or UpdatedTitleAuthor
Posts of u/Details-Examples on r/FORTnITEDetails-Examples
Posts of u/Sran92 on r/FORTnITESran92
Posts of u/ThiccBoi_ on r/FORTnITEThiccBoi_
Posts of u/Whitesushii on r/FORTnITEWhitesushii

Twitch community

Posted or UpdatedTitleAuthor
2018-04-19The Fortnite PvE streaming community over at TwitchWhitesushii
SlyGumbi’s Fortnite Streamers List (external link)SlyGumbi


(Sorry if your work isn’t listed here, nothing personal.)

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