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Hello all, as the title suggests this post is all about how the epic teams need to put in a guild system. Everything typed past here is just my idea on how the devs could go about a guild system. No need to read as it’s just my personal opinion and thoughts on what I would like to see, and it will mention a bunch of non announced/existing game features.

For the first part of the guild system I would like to talk about the idea of a guild hall. This would be a separate map location that would only be accessible to guild members to travel to. The limit of players on the guild map would be limited to the maximum amount of players allowed into the guild. The map itself would consist of interactive locations such as shops and would not allow building inside of the map. As for the stronghold itself it would be an upgradable and customizable area , where in which you start out with a wide open terrain with a small beginning guild hall shack. Each guild hall would start at level one and would increase levels after total earned guild currency and not total held since founding to access higher levels. Each level of the guild hall gained would allow for the guild master to access different cosmetics and interactive locations. To provide an example a after guild members have accumulated a total of 1000 points the guild would increase to level two, this value would be separate from the guild halls total currency held. The reason for this is to allow for the guild masters to purchase items when wanted, and not cause a situation where guilds hold points to gain higher levels and end up with a Barron map level ten guild.

To change the look and features of the guild hall map the guild master would have to spend guild credits to purchase new features and intractable locations such as the for-mentioned shops. This currency would be set up based off of guild members successfully completed missions where in which the mission type/zone would effect the guild currency pay out , as well as the number of guild members team up in a mission. First off the zone of the mission would give one point per area if difficulty so a mission completed by a guild member in stone wood would give the guild one point ,where as a mission completed in twine would give four points. These points would not increase per guild member in the successful mission so in other words if four guild mates teamed up the guild would only get four points and not sixteen points. Next for each team member in the zone two or above an additional point would be given on mission success one point for a team of two, two points for a team of three and four points for a team of four. As for the last portion of guild points the difficulty of the game type would effect the currency payouts. Just like mission rewards having different payouts on the same level of difficulty for different mission types. To provide an example if a solo/team guild member/s completes a build the radar the guild would get one point. If the mission was a cat 4 the guild would receive an additional 10 points of guild currency.

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Moving on to the next topic, I will talk about the things purchase-able with guild currency. To begin with the guild halls store of which only the guild master can access, will contain different cosmetics of which can be purchased and then placed on the guild map. An example of the cosmetics include; tress, fountains, guild banners, statues, or pathways to name a few. The next purchasable feature would be interactive shops. These shops would include different varieties of player benefits through the use of them. One example would be a carpenters shop where guild members could trade harvested wood for wood related crafting materials ie. 100 wood would convert into 10 peaky twine. Another example of a shop would be a ammo vendor who would sell ammo at a discounted crafting rate opposed to individual in game ammo crafting.

To further enhance the look of the guild hall epic games can capitalize on this new system and introduce premium cosmetics of which can only be purchased through the use of v bucks. Now to allow for fairness towards those who have limited financial situations, the premium items should only do a visual change to existing structures such as adding cobwebs to the guild hall main structure for the price of 100 vbucks. I personally think this is a great way for epic to make STW an increased financial asset, and you may or may not agree to this statement but STW needs to start generating epic games money if they are going to keep supporting it.

Moving onto the last topic I will just briefly mention two aspects of which can be introduced with the introduction of a guild map. The first would be the introduction of guild wide raids. This would be a system where the guild master would buy different boss caves , where in which the full guild would attack a super husk after the guild master bought a summoning stone. This could bring into STW 40 man raids that would require the full guild to cooperate to finish a timed battle. The second would be the introduction of pvp into STW by having a customizable guild vs guild battle field. To allow for fairness this battle field would not be affected by the aforementioned premium items to prevent whale guilds having unbeatable war zone defences. A quick description of how this would work is think of capture the flag or king of the hill games where one side has to protect a zone/flag and the other team has to breach/steal the target. Once the battle zone was purchased the guild master would have a pool of items they can buy with guild currency of which they have a set total piece count based on guild level. This could include the place meant of route blocking barriers such as concrete walls or the placement of sniping locations such as a tree fort inside of a tree. Now to prevent the creation of impassable layouts each item placed would have health points and would be destructible . Every time the guild started a defence or attack the zone defences would spawn at full health and would not reset unless a constructor fixed them or the game was won/lost.

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Now that will be all for me on this topic as o have said a lot, hopefully if you made it this far you enjoyed the read. Please let me know what you think as every idea has pluses and negatives . I always look forward to feedback on my ideas so blast away thanks for reading have a good day.

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