Guilds/clans concept for STW (re-post due to mod issue)

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What is a Guild?: Its a new way to play with dozens of friends and earn special rewards by doing guild-wide quests! You can also participate in guild wars, a new competitive take on StW with HUGE rewards!

How to join/make a guild? To make one put the name of your guild and the description, to join just search in the guild menu.

How do I earn rewards? Each week there will be guild-wide rewards with higher difficulty each time you complete, such as complete 100 missions, the second quest 150 etc. The amount will depend on how many people are in your guild. You can earn TONS of Xp, gold, V-bucks, event tickets, and even llama tokens. NOTE: The week long quests are guild wide, you won't have to complete 100 missions yourself. But don't slake off, the more the play the more rewards you will get!


Guild wars! You can challenge another guild to a "war" to play StW competitively. Just go into the guild menu and click "challenge" then invite another guild The server will give you one day to complete the tasks, whichever guild does them first wins! The prizes are based on precipitation. If you play long anufe you could be walking away with V-bucks and gold!

Whats the benefits? Your basically just playing the game but in a new-fun way. The benefits are:

-guild wide rewards and prizes

-The ability to gift account resources to your guild mates

-a trading menu for your guild

-And a new way to make friends!

Play safe and have fun! -Ray

If you have any more ideas please let me know, thanks!

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