Had the best experience yesterday helping out some kids..

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So I join some level 1-15 van mission. Each day I have time for one maybe two missions and being level 52 and got up to canny valley. I like going back to lower levels to complete easy missions I have.

I load up and get on my surf board to find the van. While headed there, 2 others have joined the game. Both using mics and sound probably 5-8 years old max.

They may have been brothers or friends, but they start squeaking to each-other about plans to finish the mission and just overall wholesomeness. They must have been new to the game because every once in a while I heard them say things like:

"oohh look at this car, its neat looking!"

"hey come over here and look at this arcade game thing in a bar! its funny haha"

It was totally cute to hear. So being overpowered I headed to the van and built up a really nice base, plopped down my BASE that auto heals the walls and does reflective damage so they basically WONT fail the mission no matter what.


I finish up and go around gathering supplies to fill my materials back up and I see them head to the van and they were like

"wowwwoo look at this base its all shiny! it looks strong I think we will make it this time! yay"

They were none the wiser as to why the base was all built up and fortified, and i didn't let them know it was me. They didn't even know I was over level'd either, I just hung around the base and picked off husks that could have been a threat while enjoying hearing them super happy. They must have not been able to finish a mission or something being so new.

It was just a great feeling, being able to help new players that were so young and so full of adventure and awe at the game still. Ahhh the good ol days. Here's to you, you two kiddos!

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