Had the best team ever on my first cat 3 atlas.

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So im,pl 42 and i decided to do my first cat 3 for my story today. Hop into a game with a ninja, a ranger deadeye, and a mega base, me being a heay base. We get to the objective clear out the area. I build two of the Atlas. Megabase builds one. The ninja i think ran around the map until we started the mission, which was fine because they helped out. Me amd the mega place are BASE.

I start building trap tunnels on the spawns and mega pimps out the objectives. The deadeye upgrades my tunnel and i place the traps. We forgot to get our back side but almost no zombies spawned there.

So we start the object the ninja comes running over and starts to help us which is nice. Mega places his banner. Both of our bases cover all three objectives. And we sit back and kill the ones spawning behind and let traps kill the rest. For 7 mins we laugh and talk about our guns and stuff. We all also seemed to have gotten our dailes done.


Once the mission is over we leave i send them all friend request. It was so much fun. No one shooting propanes and making them explode. Everyone was over level 40 and we talked and said 40 is when leveling takes dedication. And it makes sense to. And joked on how most less than 40 sucked and were your scammers and crap.

We left and im typing this, it was the best mission ive ever done so far. And now im working my way to canny soon.


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