Happier when not playing STW?

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Hey, it's been a while since I posted here.

I stopped playing during Birthday Event after getting my Platinum trophy but still checked this reddit every now and then. Wanted to see what the rewards were like during the Cram Session and turned off the game after 4 missions. First mission (Canny) I did a cat1. Had two people that just farmed the whole time (Yay! You guys STILL haven't learned that it's a dumb idea to base quests rewards off looting in a team based game.) After this I went to Twine, queued for a Evac. Got a guy in my game that started begging for sunbeam because 'he lvled his weapons too high and couldnt help with mission otherwise'. I told him he shouldve learned that this was a bad idea in plankerton already, that there was no excuse to go into a twine map begging because of this. I also said that he could just contribute by building the base instead and that me and the other 2 would do the defending. On which he replied that he didnt have any building mats either. At this point I wished the other 2 good luck if they decided to carry him, and left. I requeued for this mission because I liked the rewards, and got into a game with a guy that taxid a pl40 to a pl88 mission. I told them that I didnt mind aslong as they built the base together, but that ofcourse didnt happen. The 3rd guy was afking so I once again left and just queued for this mission in private and finished it. Seeing how these are the highest lvl zones, I cant even imagine how bad it has to be for people that only started recently and are in stonewood/plankerton.

This base game has so much potential, yet complete neglect in teaching their community how to play and rewarding positive behaviour/punishing negative behaviour has lead to one of the most frustrating online gaming experiences I've ever had. It's a real shame, especially because the potential of the game makes you want to stick by it, hoping you'll one day see it realized. Look at global chat for example: Epic let it become a complete mess due to neglect and now it's been gone for howlong? Who knows if it'll ever get fixed. It's the same with the players themselves. They never get taught basic things about the game due to there not even being a proper tutorial, which has created the mess of a playerbase we have now. I'm not even going to talk about bugs/crashes, because while they aren't helping either, I can accept that you can't bring out every update perfectly without breaking anything.


I know the experience is better with friends, but most of my friends (I started playing during the first Survive The Storm event) have quit due to the way Epic has been treating the game.

I know I can just solo every mission, but there isn't enough challenge or diversity in the missions to make this enjoyable long term.

I know this post won't make any difference, I guess its just my way of saying a permanent goodbye to the game. I can't be bothered to play even one more mission to look for good apples to give my stuff away to, so I will do it through here.

I have this to give away, and hope it will make the experience for some of you less frustrating:

1000 Legendary 106 Gas traps (all legendary perks)

200 Legendary 106 Floor Freeze Traps (84% reload speed, 30% effect duration)

200 Legendary 106 Floor Freeze Traps (non upgraded perks)

400 Legendary 106 Floor Launcher Traps (non upgraded perks)

400 Legendary 106 Retractable Floor Spikes (non upgraded perks)

400 Legendary 106 Wall Darts (all legendary perks except 6th perk)

200 Legendary 106 Wall Darts (non upgraded perks)

400 Legendary 106 Wall Dynamo (All legendary perks except 6th perk)

200 Legendary 106 Wall Dynamo (non upgraded perks)

200 Legendary 106 Wall Launchers (non upgraded perks)

800 Legendary 106 floor spikes (non upgraded)

200 Legendary 82 Floor launchers (non upgraded)

400 Brightcore

200 Sunbeam

600 Obsidian

600 Efficient mech parts

800 Sleek mech parts

1400 Duct Tape

1200 Oxidized Mineral Powder

800 Coal

1400 Carved Twine

9000 Nuts and Bolts.

PM me your Epic Name (I play on Ps4, no idea if the cross-platform play means I can give away to xbox/pc players too.) None of this is duped or used duped materials to make.

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