Haunted Hotel Quest Line Review (Minor Spoilers)

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Haunted Hotel Quest Line Review (Minor Spoilers)

Let me start by saying reading the "Beats of the Week" yesterday morning had me excited to play STW. Then I caught the last mission on a stream and was really excited. Unfortunately my enthusiasm was tempered when watching another stream play through the entire quest line. I'll explain why without revealing too much about the quest line for those that haven't played/finished it.


We got a new map with a different biome. Sure there were signs of Hexsylvania but it was mostly new. It looked great, had lots of details and was a breath of fresh air. The hotel was cool as well and looked like a lot of effort was put into designing it.

The first and last missions were fun to play, although we experienced a bug on the first mission and failed. We took damage to the objective by what we believe was a propane exploding even though we had tier 3 metal structures around the entire objective. Someone thought it might be a wonky hitbox on the objective and that's the only thing that made sense because our structures were intact the entire time. We completed the mission the second time with no issues but made sure to build a little more robust defense.

The number of husks that spawn in all the missions, especially at the end was great. It actually felt like we were trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.

The missions took 10 minutes, which was the best part about most of them.

The voice lines were well written as always.

Earning the new hero from the quest line is the way to go in my opinion. I'd rather earn new things than have to rely on RNG from event llamas. The amount of candy earned was pretty decent as well.


Quests 2-7 (Night 2-7) were exactly the same mission with different fetch items. The first time wasn't bad but by the third we were bored out of our minds. Honestly I stopped listening to the voice lines because I was so disengaged from the quest line at that point. Everyone I played with and that was in my stream and on other streams had the same thoughts. Why was there no variation in most of the quest missions?

Failing the first mission while doing nothing wrong was very frustrating. Like I said we think it was a bug where propane was damaging the objective because it had a hitbox beyond the tile it was on.


The base reward structure was questionable to say the least. The highest PL available was PL116. The rewards were XP. Prior to the mission reset it was double Survivor XP, after it was Hero and Schematic XP. Lowering your PL to open the PL100 option gave Legendary Perk-up before the reset and Pure Drops of Rain after. The PL88 gave Eye of the Storm. Why was the highest difficulty giving XP while the lower were giving more desirable rewards for higher level players? Max level players do not want XP in high level missions.

Also can we have a choice between gold and event currency (candy)? Many of us have so much gold we will never use it while others do not. Let those of us that don't need gold choose the event currency and let those that need gold choose gold. The choice would be 50 gold or 250 event currency, although the gold should probably also be increased since it replaced the 50 v-bucks from older events.

Looking Ahead

The roadmap shows similar content for the next three weeks and my fear is we will get quest lines that will be very repetitive. If we get a hero from them and they are short like the Haunted Hotel quest line that would lessen the disappointment but still I feel like more creativity could be put into the actual objectives. The new biome, the hotel design and the voice lines (from what I heard) were very well done but six of the eight quests were just lazy in my opinion. The repetition could've been avoided pretty easily in my opinion. Here's how:

Night 1: no change
Night 2: Eliminate 5 takers and collect clues they drop, eliminate 75 husks and survive the night (10:00 timer)
Night 3: Destroy 5 encampments and survive the night (15:00 timer or mission ends when 5th encampment is destroyed)
Night 4: Gather 10 ectoplasm from supply crates in a Resupply mission and survive the night (10:00 timer)
Night 5: Rescue 6 survivors, collect the spirit boards from the gift box they drop and survive the night (10:00 timer)
Night 6: Eliminate 10 takers from the hotel and collect diary entries they drop and survive the night (15:00 timer)
Night 7: Build 3 Radar Towers and deposit 2 blu-glo in each to locate the Door to Darkness (10:00 timer)
The Door to Darkness: no change

One note: survive the night could be you cannot respawn if they actually want to add a challenge so if everyone in the party dies you fail like Frostnite.

I'll conclude by saying that the creativity is obviously there and I really hope the dungeons that are coming in a few weeks show the full capability of the dev team.

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