Headshot Damage Bonus Bug for Some Snipers

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Headshot Damage Bonus Bug for Some Snipers

With the reappearance of Ralphie's Revenge I decided to play with a Sniper Hero Loadout Build. I don't have TEDD Shot Jess so I used UA in Support. I noticed that the 27% increased damage multiplier is not applying properly to some Sniper Rifles. For reference here are the Hero Loadouts I compared:

(A) MGR with no Support/Tactical

(B) MGR with UA Support (+27% HS damage multiplier)

Ol' Betsy (PL106 SS)

(A) 234,291.09

(B) 275,368.09 — should be 297,549.68

Ralphie's Revenge (PL106 SS)

(A) 149,453.05

(B) 175,655.86 — should be 189,805.37

Frostbite (PL82)

(A) 23,119.21

(B) 29,361.40

Obliterator (PL82)

(A) 84,411.42

(B) 103,403.99 — should be 107,202.50

One Shot (PL82)

(A) 42,843.62

(B) 54,411.40

Super Shredder (PL82)

(A) 44,067.73

(B) 55,966.02

Triple Tap (PL34)

(A) 4,703.46

(B) 5,973.40

Crankshot (PL20)

(A) 2,359.10

(B) 2,996.06


Dragonfly (PL20)

(A) 4,644.49

(B) 5,898.50

Zapatron (PL20)

(A) 8,239.72

(B) 10,533.03 — should be 10,464.44

I game tested Ol' Betsy, Ralphie's Revenge, Frostbite, Obliterator, One Shot and Super Shredder in a PL76 mission with MGR alone and with UA Support and no Tactical. The A and B numbers above were confirmed for all but the Super Shredder against normal husks (Husky, Skinny and Lobbers). For some reason the Super Shredder was producing HS damage of varying amounts both high and low from close range possibly due to the ammo type? Of more importance is the Ol' Betsy, Ralphie's Revenge and Obliterator are all producing lower HS damage than they should while using UA Support. The first two are only receiving a 17.5% HS damage bonus and the Obliterator is only receiving a 22.5% HS damage bonus when using UA Support. There may be other weapons with similar issues but these are the ones I had schematics for currently.

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