Hell is other People

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I'm making this post in response to the proposed upcoming changes to "Repair the Shelter", and I can just see the farmers who ignore the mission already lazily walking past the shelter and activating it on accident and making the person who was going to carry everyone now have to build on a time limit and be forced to do more raids alone.

Bravo, modifying game types while poor player behavior continues to be encouraged. I try to always leave leechers before the meat of the mission begins, but thanks to the limited time to do them, sometimes you get stuck. Doing the level 70 transform alert atlas today, a guy at level 51 and two sub 10 players joined after I started to build, and the two tens spun in a circle in a box while the 51 farmed. I figured "fu*k it, at least I have any help", and the mission was almost expired when I joined so I didn't have time to find a less awful group.

I said in chat "Those two jackasses with you?", assuming they were his friends, and he said "nope alt accounts lol". I told him that was a scummy move, and he didn't respond. I left, and he sent me the most cringe inducing rap I've ever read, something about a man's word is his bond and without it he can't respond… To critisism or some other bullshit, telling me that queueing for the mission means staying til the W.

These leeches are getting bolder and more entitled, the rewards are getting better, the missions are being made more difficult, and I am just so tired.. I love this game, and I have like 9 friends that play but it's rare when we're on at the same time, and we're all getting worn out, not by the game, but by the way the game rewards bad behavior so much.

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I've probably reported 50 players through the obtuse and inneffective reporting system, but I'd imagine that inbox has barely been touched, I've seen the same leechers soooo maaaany times, sadly blocking them doesn't stop me from matchmaking with them, makes total sense.

I'm bitter right now because 2 legendary mission alerts in CV tonight, and I couldn't do one of them, and the other I did with a fairly underleveled friend with two randoms who contributed nothing and began the mission and didn't come back for the defense. My friend was like 20 levels below recomended and he had highest combat score because I gave him like 15 rocket launcher so I could have any form of help. Every time I see any change while this problem hasn't been touched, I'm going to complain.

I've literally, in my 20 years of playing mmo's and online games, never seen this much rampant abuse by shitty players on the actual community. It's sick that it's got this bad and epic has done nothing. I've read probably 20 times in the past month on this very Reddit that "we're doing something about this" or "we've already stated we are working on this", but it's not coming fast enough. It's the single biggest issue in the game right now for me, bad perks and badly balanced heroes are nothing, new events are poisoned, rampant trolling and leeching are like spreading peanut butter on a person with a sever nut allergies perineum. It's not just sick, it's fu*king killing us.

Sorry for all the salt and spelling errors. I love this game so much, and want to see it succeed, but right now I won't play if friends aren't on, 90% of players in randoms are leechers, farmers hoping to do the absolute minimum, and traders who actively sabatage the mission if they have to in order to get what they want.

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