Hello! I’m Squatingdog the Original Curator of the Fortnite Cheat Sheet AMA

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Hello! I'm Squatingdog the Original Curator of the Fortnite Cheat Sheet AMA

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my very first AMA (ask me anything)! I'm glad you made it and I am stoked to spend a few hours answering questions you might have. I took some time to sift through and find a few of the more popular questions from our community to get this AMA rolling. Whether your question is serious, funny, deep, or just for the memes I will do my best to get through as many as possible in the next two hours! Grab the popcorn & get comfy… it's time to do this!

Quick Bio:

Name: Jeremy (squatingdog)

Age: 32

Profession : Streamer & Original Content Creator

Education: Undergrad and Masters in Psychology

Dating Life: Married

Hair Stage: Balding Rapidly

Spirit Animal: Siberian Snow Owl

Fun Fact: Never Experienced a Brain Freeze

Favorite Childhood Games: FF7, Halo, Super Smash 64, Metal Gear Solid, & Anything Blizzard

Favorite Drink: Mountain Dew Baja Blast

First Ever Created Cheatsheet: March 16, 2018

Example of a question:

  • What do you have against Greg?
    jeanndabeann - Hello! I'm Squatingdog the Original Curator of the Fortnite Cheat Sheet AMA
  • Next question. –
    thesquatingdog - Hello! I'm Squatingdog the Original Curator of the Fortnite Cheat Sheet AMA

EDIT: I wanted to add these two questions up here because I think they need to be addressed in our community.

How do you feel how toxic your community is to others who may try to make a guide too?u/OnlyThotsRibbit

  • Yeah this is a great question and one that definitely needs to be addressed. Having a following is actually a lot of hard work to keep up with hundreds of thousands of people. Although I really push for bettering others, lifting people up, and being a positive influence on each other sometimes that doesn’t always get passed along to those who consider themselves as “followers. I have been investing in the subreddit for a long time now and have built strong bonds and loyalty with people in this subreddit. My content has been scrutinized, poked at, and belittled when I started… and it really feels horrible as a content creator to have to delete a post because of feeling worthless. I want to apologize on behalf of anyone who was put into a situation similar to that because of anyone representing my “community.” That sucks and is not cool. I want to be clear on what my community looks like. My community is constructive with their criticism, my community doesn’t blindly hate others, my community owns what is theirs both the good and the bad parts, and my community creates a culture of acceptance and belonging. Anyone outside of these boundaries don’t know me and what I stand for. I also want to be really frank. There are a lot of sharks in these waters who take content from here and spend 5 minutes in photoshop slapping your own support a creator over our work. There are also people who spend 12 hours in photoshop creating exact replicas of stuff and claiming it to be original. That also sucks and is not cool. Do good & original work and it will most likely be respected.

What inspired you to create such a positive and inclusive community of Fortnite players?u/brently49

  • I've been an online gamer ever since I could play warcraft with my parents. It's an incredible time to be a gamer. Over the years we've overcome some harsh stigmas, what was only a hobby before could become a job now, and playing over the couch together has evolved to playing online. We have played with players all over the world with different backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, ages and what I have found to be a common reality amongst gamers that is our desire to belong. Belonging a friend group, a clan, or being recognized as the best of something. However, along the way I think we forget that those we are playing against are real people and our attitude towards them can be incredibly toxic and unwelcoming causing hurt and discomfort. In these moments we tend to get fired up at someone we barely know. So at the core of my streams I set out to try and provide a safe environment of belonging and opportunity to play games alongside each other. With the hope to provide opportunity to be more known and hopefully change some of the toxic behaviors gamers might be used to.

Excited to answer your questions! Cheers!

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