Help me run a REAL FORTNITE tournament at my local Arcade

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Help me run a REAL FORTNITE tournament at my local Arcade


Put your pitchforks back guys. >=)

A little backstory:

Recently I went to my local arcade spot here in Cincinnati. Its Arcade Legacy for those that are local.

(Just a small spotlight on it: Arcade Legacy is the reason I laugh at and despise places like Dave n' Busters.

just $10 gets you in and allows you to play any and all games, console games on hand, projectors in the back, every unlocked arcade…….yes you can FINALLY FINISH Time Crisis and House of the Dead…as well as have a choice pickings of A SHIT TON OF classic games ACROSS ALL CONSOLES. I hope he puts his Virtual Boy in a display cabinet. its so bad, it should be treasured.)

I've chatted with the owner several times. Shocked he remembered me of all people.

But, With that being the case, I asked him about his third location he opened across the river and if it had Internet service. He said it did……..but the location isnt doing as well as he'd hoped. My biggest issue with his prime location is that it had no decent internet. it does……….but its in an abandoned mall. I, for some reason, like it being in a mall. its so off the beaten path, secluded, nice, and with its own security roaming around free of charge. But, now that his 3rd has internet……….Im surprised to hear this.

(I called and asked before and the guy working at the time said they didnt. Only reason Im in the dark as far as that's concerned.)


Since he said he had high speed internet, I asked has he ever thought about running a Fortnite tournament.

He said he has a back room set up and anyone's free to do so if they want.


So now, my question for you guys:

OBVIOUSLY…..I'm gonna have to run a BR tournament. There's no question of that.

I can get the details for that from my nephew who plays, as well as the internet.

BUT! I wanna run a FORTNITE: ENDURANCE MODE tournament!

It would be a rarity………BUT I INTEND TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. I mean, when was the last time anyone ever seen STW in a competitive scene? I remember a post long ago where someone got Commanders from across their city to join in for an annual meet. but that was so long ago.

Not sure at what point, whether it be during the same day……..another day…………..when It will be ran. Im thinking on the same day…….between matches. that way, BR players can see how hard MAX PL's go as well as seeing how intense Save the World can be. I want it to mimic Frostnite…………..but use Endurance obviously.

Ideas I came up with:

  • Players will run 2 Resupply missions.

Maybe I can incorporate the score at the end to either push a choice of a handicap/headstart like in Hit the Road (+2000 building mats of one kind, 1 stack of each Crafting Ore, Weapon Stash to Recycle for random Mats, etc) Can use Resupply missions to give the "Be a Hero instead of a Skin" STRONGER RELEVANCE by Saving Survivors. Each Survivor saved will give some sort of bonus that will be granted by the Commander (Event Host)

  • The Endurance will be ran in Canny Valley.

I've seen and heard in several spots where Twine is a pain in the ass. Also, not all of us are in Twine anyway. I sure as HELL am not rushing to Twine for 0 endgame and a coffin for the relative joy i DO get in the game. I think alot of players can at least do well with Canny.

  • Canny Valley Stormshield will be Stripped down.

In order to be like Frostnite, we gotta play it like Frostnite. Someone in each team should be willing to strip down their Stormshield. Unless I….or someone else in the comments can find another way around it………..we gotta have a bare foundation for everyone to panic on for 2 hours. The mats from each stormshield will be stored on someone else's SSD until the match is over. (probably mine………..or another account of mine.) and this has to happen before the event even starts.

  • There will be 4 teams.

I doubt there will be that many players in Cincinnati. If there are others in the surrounding cities that want to jump in and join, that would be cool too………….But I think the best that we would have is literally finding 16 people in Cincinnati period that play Save the World lul.

  • Players will start off with their basic Grey weapons.

This will be effective at the start of the Resupply missions. Grind, Punch, and bash whatever you can to get you started. Resupply missions gotta be useful for SOMETHING..

things ive noticed is that if you recycle traps and guns found in missions do give you a chunky variety of priority materials.

In conclusion,

The Team that survives the longest will be the winner. The team that FINISHES Endurance is AUTOMATICALLY the winner.

This…………..OBVIOUSLY is EXTREMELY ROUGH……………but I think the fundamentals is here.

This is where I pass the question off to you guys.

Tell me how I can improve this? What would YOU like to see in a prize tournament? Suggestions? Comments? I wanna make this happen and I know this is the BEST PLACE to get advice from all my Veteran players.

Help me make this rarity happen guys.

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