Here’s my last shred of hope, however improbable it might be. I can’t get this out of my head and decided to share.

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Here's my last shred of hope, however improbable it might be. I can't get this out of my head and decided to share.

I believe there's a slim chance that Epic having abandoned StW is a cover up for a good thing.

Here are the facts that (please fact-check any, my memory is not perfect), together, make me think that chance is a possibility, even if a slim one:

  • Epic worked on Unreal Engine 4 using Save The World as a project, so it wasn't ready.

  • The game code is so buggy because of that, an unorganized mess because the engine itself was changing alongside the game.

  • Art Deco weapons and every recent asset added in the game in 2020 has been in the game code for a long time, maybe more than a year, meaning, they're not creating new things for StW for much longer than we were led to believe from the July Homebase Status Report about "development slowing down".

  • Epic lost millions in profit from V-bucks sales when they went to war with Apple.

So, I see something possible:

Maybe, just maybe, the reason Epic gave up on this iteration of StW much longer than it has admitted is because they're remaking it.

On Unreal Engine 5.

From scratch.

Bear with me:

StW is a decade long work, almost.

It's a VERY unique and successful idea in how all of its complicated systems were made easy and fluid since they first started.

Epic is always thinking ahead of what it shows people.

Dealing with StW's code must be hell.

It makes sense that, if Epic desired to make StW what it was meant to be, they would use their knowledge to remake it in the new engine when it's ready, instead of wrestling with the old, buggy code while trying to keep the game playable for an already existing player base.


So maybe, more than a year ago, they thought they should stop creating anything new, just slowly introduce what they already had in production, like the Storm King and Art Deco sets, Homebase heroes etc., and direct the team working on StW to create their new vision for it, free of existing player expectations and scrutiny.

A secret.

This year, they've showed they are willing to lose money to bet on something bigger, and StW is not something that's making them lose money, no matter how less money it brings compared to BR, it's still a positive value, not a loss.

They've stated time and time again they have bigger plans for this SYSTEM they've created in StW, BR and Creative, and I think they mean more than just Creative itself when they say it might become "more of a platform" than a game.

It makes sense then, if they haven't given up on the idea of StW, that they would realize this new vision in secret, not having to deal with our frustrations and desires.

I've been playing BR for 3 years and StW for 2 years and 9 months.

It doesn't matter how angry I get at Epic for what we're all going through, it KNOW, I SAW, I WAS THERE when they showed they cared and I can't shake off this feeling that greed for BR Money does NOT tell the whole story.

They were completely different in how they handled things and they still are that way for the modes they're free to talk about because they're already on the right path.

I know they're not simply evil or uncaring, not only the devs, but the higher ups too.

So maybe there will be a way to still Save the World.

This resurrection just might not be what we've been used to.

What is it gonna be? Open world? Mission based?

We have no idea, but they might.


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