Hero combat perks should be revisited

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There's been a lot of rebalancing of weapon perks in the past several months, and I think it's been overlooked that there are hero perks with the same tradeoffs, that therefore also need to be adjusted with the new view of how the different combat stats should stack up against each other.

Now that we have the recombobulator, people are free to reallocate their weapon bonuses amongst all the various combat options however they like. This makes it much more direct to compare combat-related perks of different types, since any hero loadout that gives you more of a perk type than you wanted can be compensated for by rearranging the perks on your weapons. In this kind of situation, the value of a combat perk is basically equal to what rarity-level of weapon perk it equates to. And from this perspective, there are some severe imbalances.

Since hero perks and support perks draw from the same pool, we can establish a baseline by looking at the most commonly chosen support perks for combat: damage with weapon type, and headshot bonus. This is a good baseline because it's a slot that players have total freedom to pick from a wide variety of perks, so it shows what people consider to be good, and what the common case usage across the player base is. The damage with weapon type perk gives a 24% damage bonus; this is roughly equal to a purple weapon perk. The headshot bonus perk is a 27% headshot bonus which is equal to a blue weapon perk. This gives us a rough sense of what a hero combat perk "should" equal: blue for unrestricted perks, adding a tier if there's restrictions in place on how the perk can be used. We can add or subtract further tiers based on how restrictive various perks are. So with this in mind, let's evaluate some other perks:

  • Crit damage with weapon type: Currently equal to 70%, which is only slightly better than a green perk. Given that it has the same restrictions as damage with weapon type, which is only slightly worse than a purple perk, this is clearly greatly underpowered. It should be increased to about 100% to be on par.

  • Reload speed: Currently equal to 30%, which is a white-green perk. As a universal weapon perk, it should be 50% to match the other blue-level perks; although given that the value of further mitigating reloads goes down quickly the more of these types of perks you have, and the recombobulator already forces a 75% perk into every weapon, I'd say it ought to be even a little higher to compensate. But 50% at minimum.

  • Magazine size: Currently equal to 20%, less than a white perk. This is clearly awful. It should have numbers matching what I mentioned above for reload speed (50% or better), since the weapon perks now treat them as equivalent.

  • Crit rating with weapon type: Currently equal to 18, a green-blue perk. Now this is a special case: not only does it have the weapon restriction that should bump it up to a purple perk, it also suffers from pretty stiff diminishing returns. Nobody wants to have two crit rating perks because of how poorly they stack, and if the answer is to "just use the hero perk and drop the weapon one", then how is this "crit-based hero" still a crit-based hero given that he gets less crits than normal? I think given the stiff diminishing returns it's reasonable to say this should equal a full 30 crit rating orange perk and be on par with the fully upgraded weapon perk. This means that you either just use the hero perk, in which case you're critting as much as someone using a crit weapon (thus justifying this class being a crit-based class), or you stack the two perks, in which case the added crit rating is only giving you an additional 13% crit chance anyway, which is clearly still not that strong given that these perks used to give a flat additional 20% crit chance on top of whatever your weapons gave you.

  • Damage with energy weapons: Currently equal to 20%. Restricting to energy weapons is actually a much stiffer restriction than restricting to a weapon type, since the optimal setup is not to use energy. Either this perk should be bumped up to an orange 30% since its restriction is harsher than the one placed on the 24% bonus perks, or energy itself needs to be buffed. (Personally I'd prefer the latter, I get that Epic has totally bought into rock-paper-scissors being a great depth-enhancing component of the strategy, but at least give a competitive option for people who'd rather opt-out of this part of the game.) EDIT: as u/Kangarou points out, this perk includes many hero abilitites and so justifies itself in other ways

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