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FortniteBattleRoyale8 - [Hero Concept] Black Knight

After being inspired by u/Street_Walkin_Doge 's post I wanted to post a concept idea for the Black Knight.

Hero name: Black Knight

Class: Soldier

Subclass: Knight

Description: An infamous knight who found himself fighting the storm and a master of close quarters combat. His blade sends fear to his enemies.

Trait List:

Medieval Tactics: Melee Weapon Damage is increased by 10% and health increased by 10%

LVL 1: Deadly Strikes – Critical attacks with edged weapons trigger Have at thee! which do a base damage of 140 energy damage and afflicts the target.

LVL 2: Adversary – 30 energy, 40-second cooldown. All enemies within a 1 block radius will target the Black Knight for 10 seconds.

LVL 5: Hearty Knight – Increases Black Knight's Health and Shield by 20%

LVL 8: Veteran of the Blade – Increases edged melee critical rating by 18

★★ : Cross Slash – 40 energy, 10-second cooldown. Black Knight makes 1 diagonal slash followed by a horizontal slash that does base 50 edged weapon damage per slash.

LVL 12: Tis a Flesh Wound: Black Knight gains 1% damage resistance for ever 1% maximum health missing, with a maximum of 50% damage resistance.


LVL 15: Stench of Battle: Defeating a husk with an edged weapon gives a stack of Stench of Battle reducing the cooldowns of all of Black Knight's skills by 0.25 seconds per second for 4 seconds.

LVL 18: Heavy Slash: Reduces the amount of energy needed for Cross Slash by 15.

★★★: Shield Rush: 20 Energy, 15-second cooldown. Black Knight rushes 3 tiles forward collecting enemies on his shield knocking them back at the end or colliding on a wall, does base 125 blunt damage.

LVL 25: Sword Training: Increases edged weapon attack speed by 24 %

LVL 30: Sword Frenzy: Stench of Battle now grants health and shield regeneration which is increased by 20% while active

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Purpose/Niche: Black Knight is ideally a melee weapon fighter. That's a really risky occupation considering you can easily be swarmed by husks. Most of his skills and traits are supposed to help mitigate that as much as possible so when you reach late game he'd still be viable. The gameplay I'm trying to make the Black Knight concept fit into is someone who can stand his ground on a bottleneck and fight swarms of husks by himself. Most of his skills are odd and are basically ripoffs of Constructor and Ninja skills but I dislike the idea of him having a "BASE" or excessive mobility. Since he is a knight it is not too far off to liken him to a soldier. If he ever comes to STW I really do hope they use this concept.

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