Hero Concept: Boogie Bomber

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Hero Concept: Sparkle Specialist/Funk Ops

Subclass: Boogie Bomber

Hero who makes enemies dance before gunning them down

Evolution 1: Advanced Tactics: Ranger weapon damage increased by 10%. Health increased by 10%.

Level 1: Boogie Bomb: Throws a grenade that explodes on impact and deals a high amount of impact. When the impact threshold is reached, enemies dance for 2 seconds. (Think impact Hugh enough to make blasters and huskies dance in 1 hit, but requiring two to make smashers dance.)

Level 2:Debilitating Shots: Dealing ranged damage applies one stack of Vulnerability, increasing damage taken from all sources by 5% on the target for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

Level 5: Rucksack: Increases max grenade ammo by 2

Level 8: Dance Longer: Enemies hit by boogie bomb now dance for 3 seconds.

2 Star: Goin’ Commando

Level 12: Pull the Pin: Reduces the cost of boogie bomb to 15 energy.


Level 15: Bigger Boogie!: Increases boogie bomb radius by 35%

Level 18: Dazzling Dancefloor!: Boogie bombs leave an energy field after detonation. 5 seconds after detonation, husks within the energy field dance for 3 seconds.

3 Star: Warcry: Give a War Cry, affecting friendly characters within 4 tiles. Grants 40% more damage for ranged and melee weapons. Also grants 40% attack speed for ranged weapons and 16% attack speed for melee weapons. Ability lasts for 10 seconds. The effects of War Cry do not stack.

Level 25: Kneecapper: Increases the effectiveness of Debilitating Shots Vulnerability stacks to 9%.

Level 30: Lingering Pain: The effects of debilitating shots now stack up to 5 times.

So, what do you guys think? Op? Under powered? Disscuss!

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