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FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Hero Loadout upgrade

So, it's been some weeks since the Hero loadout update, while it offered a new concept I feel it still lacking of some power, compared with the old system I can say we got a Nerf on or power play.

In before, Striker A.C. was an amazing farmer while it can still offer a good amount of damage with his Teddy, now, If we want a decent farmer, we need to spend half of the perks on it, and the other half can be spent into a mediocre Teddy… and even if you focus all the perks on the bear we will end up with a nerfed version as it will have less range, less duration and less damage overall compared with the old bear. I'd love Master Grenadier Ramirez because she had a very good kit in the form of grenades and firepower, now, we cannot replicate that as we need to either spend the few perk slots we have on making the grenades be at the same level as before (ot at least try to), and leaving the weapons department in a deplorable state or viceversa, focus the perks in weapon damage while have crappy grenades.

Epic said "If you’re playing a Constructor you should always FEEL like one", the problem is, I don't feel like playing a Constructor when playing with one anymore, the only good thing about playing a constructor now is placing the base in the defense structure and that's all…now you have to focus on B.A.S.E. perks if you want to feel like a constructor…still no more material reduction perk… And don't make me start with ninjas, where the hell is the 10% speed bonus?, yeah, we have the triple jump, amazing ability, but that's all…

Some post ago I'd suggested ways to improve this new hero system, today I have more ideas on how to accomplish it:

  1. Cost/Cooldown reduction perks should be optional within the hero abilities while leveling up and not part of the selection of the perk loadout, i.e. Assassin Sarah: Abilities – Throwing Stars (Optional Perks: Rapid Fire, Trained Throw), Dragon Slash (Optional Perks: Return of the Dragon, Quick Dragon: Cooldown Reduction), Smoke Bomb (Deep Pockets, Improvised bomb: Cooldown Reduction), at the end, with a 5 star hero we can have 4 optional perks selected (one selection with each upgrade)
  2. Complementing the point above, return missing perks like Healing strikes, Explosive overload, etc. etc. and return it to the original owners (to make every character distinct of each other), i.e. there are missing perks on the Assassin Ninjas like: Long-sassin, Pain Master, etc, etc., while this aren't command perks, it will buff the assassination perk when using this ninja as the commander.
  3. Return old passive perks to the base classes and have it increment on each upgrade, i.e. Soldier – Ranged Weapons have 10%/12%/15%/17%/20% bonus damage (In this way we will feel the difference when playing the different classes)
  4. Add Favored weapons on each class, i.e. (Favored weapons receive a Flat 20% Critical Rate bonus (not Crit Chance and the diminishing returns), this will compensate the missing CritR perks):


The new class passive perks should looks like this:


  • Passive Class Perk: 10%/12%/15%/17%/20% Speed bonus
  • Favored Weapons: Swords, Scythes, Spears, Axes


  • Passive Class Perk: 10%/12%/15%/17%/20% Ranged Weapon Damage bonus
  • Favored Weapons: Assault, Shotgun, Sniper


  • Passive Class Perk: 4%/6%/8%/10%/12% Chance to find double loot
  • Favored Weapons: Pistols, Clubs


  • Passive Class Perk: 4%/6%/8%/10%/12% Material Cost Reduction
  • Favored Weapons: Explosive, Hardware

With All the above, If we pick a Hero like Assassin Sarah (yeah, I like Ninjas) should looks like this:

Assassin Sarah

  • Class Perks: Mantis Leap, Shadow Stance
  • Passive Class Perk: 10%/12%/15%/17%/20% Speed bonus
  • Favored Weapons: Swords, Scythes, Spears, Axes
  • Standard/Command Perk: Assassination
  • Specialty Perks: Long-sasin, Pain Master
  • Abilities: Throwing Stars (Rapid Fire, Trained Throw), Dragon Slash (Return of the Dragon, Quick Dragon), Smoke Bomb (Deep Pockets, Improvised bomb)

As you can see we increment the total perk overall and reestablishing almost all of the lost power compared to the old system.

Feel free to criticize, I wanna read your thoughts about this idea.

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