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This is my personal experience, but after getting to Twine Peaks, there's nothing to really do. You've done all the missions and quest, you've seen all husk, mist monsters, and biomes. You've probably gotten a majority of the good guns and schematics. You've done pretty much everything there is to do. The only thing you can really do is SSDs or wait weeks for an event. The only thing you can really do at this point is grind to increase your power level, but for what? You'll just play the same missions over and over again. In the other game mode, it's the same thing over and over again, but there's something that keeps people playing, and that is the battle pass. I think we need something similar for Save The World, something like a hero pass. The Hero pass is pretty much Save The World's version of the Battle Pass.

How It Works

It works pretty much like Battle Royale's battle pass, but it's called a Hero Pass. You play missions, you gain XP, and this will go towards your commander level. You will then earn stars for every time your commander level increases, which will progress towards leveling up your tiers.


The rewards would be a bit different. A lot of the tiers will be filled with materials such as Re-Perk, Perk-Up, Legendary Flux, Epic Flux, and so on. The rewards could also be stuff such as exclusive schematics and heros. We could also receive exclusive emotes in Save The World that will eventually be usable in the other gamemode once we get a shared locker. There are many rewards we can get, such as Llamas and V-bucks, but these are the main ones I am thinking of.



Similarly to the other gamemode, we receive daily challenges. If we do have a battle pass system in Save The World, these daily challenges could grant us the stars that progress us in our tiers. These could replace the daily coins, since those are useless to a lot of us. We could also get weekly challenges similarly to the other gamemode, where we have to do certain objectives such as "Play one match without getting downed." or "Deal X amount of damage in a single round". Those are just examples.

A lot of people will probably say that it's way too similar to the other gamemode, but I don't see how it's hurting anybody. It's something we can grind for and it's something to finally do in the endgame. Once you get to Twine Peaks, you've done pretty much everything you can do. The only thing you can do is your SSDs. After that, there isn't much to do. By creating a battle pass, we will have something to grind for and we will also receive rewards, some of these which could be founder rewards, such as exclusive emotes, heroes, etc.


We get a battle pass system similar to the other gamemode where we receive rewards such as exclusive emotes, re-perk, perk-up, and so on with every tier.


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