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Basically, these opinions are Sugestion, and they are entirely individual opinions. I hope you have many different opinions.

I attached pictures for easy understanding.

-About basic Ability QoL

gskzdw657vm61 - Heroes Ability QoL Suggestion

Display (Base Damage) after the Ability damage.

Increase combat freedom by making most Ability available in the air.

-Soldier Ability-

Most Ability is already high in completionalready.

-Goin' Commando

6gb5cyhr7vm61 - Heroes Ability QoL Suggestion

Make items available for acquisition and interaction even during Ability activation.

-Constructor Ability-

-Kinetic Overload

Increase defense when using Ability to increase combat sustainability. It is difficult to activate or operate Melee constructor due to its low viability or combat sustainability.

-Goin' Constructor

In a 1:1 situation, you can hardly beat Riot husk. There is no means to neutralize the shield. Allow Riot husky's shield to be temporarily demilitarized due to Staggering when striking.

As mentioned above, make items available for acquisition and interaction while activating Ability.

-Bull Rush

Make it possible to adjust the orientation even slightly with the keyboard during use (ex: Reinhardt 'Charge' in Overwatch)

Make it possible to collect resources with Bull rush. It doesn't have to be 100%, so it can reduce the burden of base construction by supporting the resource collection ability to the Cons.


Gunner becomes too vulnerable to attack by Blaster, Zapper, and Lobber. At least I want you to give Rosie an object judgment to encourage her to turn around and stop these attacks.

+ It would be good to expand the use of these pucks if they can be applied to the 8-bit Demo's Enduring Machine or Demolitionist Penny's Faster Explosions Puck by giving the ROSIE an Explosive Weapon judgment.

-Ninja Ability-

-Crescent Kick

I hope it becomes available in the air and there is no restriction on movement during kicks.

-Dragon Slash

: It's better to let it be used only on the ground for balance.

Goin Dragon: It would be fun to have these energy sword-picking skills. (ex Genji Dragonblade in Overwatch)

-Outlander Ability-


-Blue Charge Fragments

I think we can increase the meaning of the battle if we can get Mist Monster or Mini Boss when we kill them.

Also, I hope the player can decide whether to use Charge or not depending on the situation. If you simply press a key, you don't use Charge, and if you press the key for a long time, Charge is used.

+ It is not important, but it is also necessary to show how many Charges there are.

-Anti-Material Charge

I hope it's like Phase Shift's mobile mechanism. Unable to collect ore from the air or ceiling with Ability. Or if you look higher than the horizontal and use it, you can hit it towards that angle.

I think it will be a great help to optimize Logic if we stand in place and make it possible to hit the front range and collect resources with just the aftermath of the fist. (ex. Saitama in One punch man)

+ 25% of the damage is good, so I wish I could damage the llama.

-Phase Shift

As I said above, if you look higher than the horizontal and use it, I hope it moves at that angle. I think that would make it easier to explore high places in the building.

-Seismic Smash

I wish I could use it in the air, hit it against the floor like Soldier's Shockwave Ability.

-Shock Tower, T.E.D.D.Y

I want Ability to be simple so that it can be used without clicks. Unlike DECOY, the location is not that important, the range of damage is wide, and the Outlander's combat characteristics make him busy. Make it like a grenade, or show guidelines when you press it like a grenade, and then install it when you release the key.


-Proximity Mine

I hope the installation time will be shorter and more husks will be damaged by the delay of firing to maximize damage. And I hope we can minimize the loss of firepower by preventing explosions caused by our attacks or series of explosions.


When using gadgets, it would be better to install them on a Map to expand their utilization (e.g., bypassing the route, returning quickly, etc.). I don't think there will be a big problem if we retrieve the installed teleporter and adjust the location.

Finally, I loved, love, and will love STW.

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