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Following the release of Archaeolo-Jess players are more aware and actively discussing the subject of "New Heroes & New Skins". With this post I want to share a suggestion I made quite some time ago which I feel could ease frustrations over releasing "New" Heroes simply as re-skinned originals.

Part One: Hero Skins & Levelling.

When I was still somewhat new to the game (2017, I went total "Shut Up & Take My Money" on Fortnite when early access went Public.) I found myself quite attached to the original heroes I had purchased with my Founders Pack. All of those generic rare quality heroes were/are poster characters for our beloved game, those were the heroes I saw on the release cinematic, those were the heroes I wanted to play.

I allow myself to get grabbed by Fortnite and after a couple of weeks I've now accumulated a couple of epic quality heroes, even one legendary, all upgrades of those which I had purchased and while I find myself so happy to have gotten them I'm also left with a feeling of, "But I liked what these characters looked like before…".

I don't believe I was the only person to feel that way, I am sure that there are many players who like having a specific look for that one beloved "Low" rarity Ninja or Constructor or so on.

I even suggest to the Sub Reddit that perhaps we could "Unlock" our skins through the levelling process, each "Star Level" unlocking a new style, however I swiftly delete the post after a second thought. It'd make no sense, there'd be no reward for having a legendary hero or so on…

I move on, I keep playing, somewhat saddened but not completely heartbroken that I'm no longer pleased by my characters visuals, so what? I still like Fortnite quite a bit.

Part Two: Hero Skins & RARITY Upgrades!

Months pass and… Boom! We're allowed to upgrade our heroes rarity, I'm ecstatic, at that point I must've accumulated quite the crew of purple (Epic) heroes and was more than prepared to get them to legendary… Slowly, Haha…

And once more I'm struck by the thought of, "But I remember when I liked RARE Tank Penny, or RARE SS A.C."

"But… Hold on, couldn't these systems merge?" I recall my old suggestion and adapt on that thought.

"Couldn't we unlock our characters 'Skins' as we upgraded their rarity?" And those who were lucky enough to already have a legendary "X" hero could automatically be rewarded with the earlier versions. "Why not?"


Part Three: Hero System REWORK to allow "Skins".

Now here we are, May 2018. Still expecting a 2018 release and about to suggest a complete Rework

So, here we go…

As of now, we're faced with a hero (Archaeolo-Jess) that's 100% a newly skinned "Pathfinder", following Pathfinder Jess & Bloodfinder A.C. and frankly, that's not fair. It's not fair on us as players to put time and effort toward one hero with a particular visual style only to be greeted with a newer (And frankly more appealing) visual style further down the line after reaching level 50 with the prior.

My thoughts…

How about we no longer differentiate heroes by looks, no longer rewarded with "Skins" but rather "Classes".

"You've completed a quest? You've UNLOCKED THE PATHFINDER!"

"Increase that Pathfinders rarity and be rewarded with different visual styles to choose from!"

"Oh, we also have an event coming, not only a new subclass but do you also like X subclass? We've got a whole wash of new styles that you'd love!"

No more "Love Ranger Jonesy" or "Archaeolo-Jess" styled releases where we're offered a fully fledged hero which should really only be a skin that can be applied to our already owned hero subclass.

Treat Heroes LIKE Heroes. Have fewer characters repeated and rather develop new looks for each and every one of them, make them truly unique, not "Another Jonesy", or "Another Jess", or "Another Sarah".

EPIC, please, show us One Subclass of hero to play (Heck, even one male and one female of each.) and then go on making new looks for us to get through events and through Seasonal Gold and so on.

Conclusion: I'd like to see some detachment between a heroes subclass and a heroes "skins" to allow for more visual variety when playing. It's rather dull seeing same old same old characters over and over again when playing public missions, only to be greeted with another version of that same character from Epic a few weeks later with a new event.

I feel like my thoughts degraded slightly toward the end, however I look forward to discussions below.

What do you think?

EDIT: So… Odd asterisks all over, Not used to my new Reddit…

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