Hey yall interested in a bit of a read? ( An opinion piece from a PL 94 player).

Fortnite home fn battle royale 1268x717 cf9fa8a783c249aa8d6929126e29f5f190620357 1024x579 - Hey yall interested in a bit of a read? ( An opinion piece from a PL 94 player).

I don't agree with people wanting to trade or people continually asking people to get dropped of anywhere above their level. Im 94 with a ton of missions logged in, so when im running plankerton with my girl to get her exp and missions completed i run into alot of people asking for things or wanting to go places. Last night i was told i have a bad personality and qoute " I don't have to be a d*ck about it" for pluggin my mic in for 2 seconds to simply say No and proceeded to complete the mission.

Now I ignored the fact that he edited the whole defense and shot the balloon early, and then ran off to farm, those of us who have played since week 1 know most of the time youve gotta do shit yourself.

So you want these people to bee punished right? Those of yall yelling about people being underleveled want them gone? I have heard and read arguements about people ruining this game youtubers dropping people off, or people leeching and everyone is yelling at Epic, who by the way just gave us tons of changes for example no more flippin durrability loss on death, 200 cap mat stacks, boy those 2 alone sold me jeez i can break cars for days and those bags just laugh at me, also has it sunk in how massively generous they were with those stash llamas? Regardless if they went to the people including myself that spent some coin on the game, that was pretty cool.

You want Epic to give us a way to report people and remove them.


So who is to stop people from using the kick system against you? Does anyone remember WoW or SWTOR (those are ones i played i inderstand there are many others) and how if you didnt make the cut or if someone didnt like you, you got the boot. How will they discern legitimate claims and bs ones coming from salty players. We have to really think hard about what we want because it might backfire on us.

I couldn't care less about BR or leechers or people calling higher leveled guys dbags for not just handing them stuff.

Could we take a step back and realize how good weve have it right now, im in twine dude i remember the canney grind and not having anyone at all to play with at one point. This game is awesome regardless of the content currently released, if you dont like something say it but the negativity is reaching levels of the 1st 3 months guys we need to tone it down and go back to having fun.

I don't want to put down anyone with this, everyone is entitled to their opinions based on their own experience. But as someone with 450+ hours logged and has seen a lot of great and not so great stuff, lets enjoy our game again yall, this community is full of people showing excitement about pulling heros, tips and tricks and celebrating those OG dudes with the ability to produce tasty spread sheets. Thats what we should be focusing on man, enjoy what weve got, remember the day change lag days?


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