Hi Reddit! I just finished Twine with some unconventional Primary Heroes and wanted to share my experience.

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Hi Reddit!

27 y/o girl here. I love games with plot and strategy (well, let's just stick to strategy after Plankerton). I don't min-max in games; I feel like it takes 50% of the fun from it.

Personal Experience

I have recently been an occasional lurker here, finally created an account. I saw a lot of tier and meta lists on this sub, and I don't mean any offence to you all here but here's the thing: I'm a little happy and a little sad that I didn't discover r/Fortnite before.

Happy because if I had, I wouldn't be able to enjoy anything other than UAH/MGR/SF that are highly talked about here, almost pushed onto anyone who talks about anything else. Sad because if I had, I wouldn't have made some of my bad decisions, like buying full skill trees early on and buying Upgrade Llamas in the start.

Funnily enough, none of the top heroes I've used are considered meta by anyone on this sub. And yet I never failed like I was falling behind anyone I matched up with in the lobby, or even my friend who plays. Please don't judge me, I play to have fun and I don't like overanalyzing things so I jump into whatever I like. And it worked right? I finished Twine with plenty of solo missions and great scores in squads too.

Heroes I used

Here are my most used in each class:

SOLDIER: Beserker Wukong (fave hero! amazing skin, warcry applies debilitating shots, then shockwave to melt husks), Commando Spitfire (going commando is too cool), Rescue Trooper Ramirez (my first flux from Rare->Legendary, jack of all trades)

NINJA: Assassin Sarah (Assassin's Creed-like skin, melee perks, what's not to like?), Mythic Ken (uh wow I actually pulled a mythic that goes with my god-rolled sword)

OUTLANDER: I actually love Outlanders a lot, I am one of those people who would main it in major missions and still get out with great com-scores. My faves are: Striker AC (his hand charges like the new Noble Launcher, it looks damn cool), Flurry Jess Reclaimer and now TEDD Shot Jess (basically anything with a good Teddy)

CONSTRUCTOR: BASE Kyle (okay maybe this one's considered great already, but- huge, handsome guy full of tattoos, and bull rush is hilarious and very strong), Controller Harper (I really like decoy, it's my fave constructor battle perk)

(Understand the game, and then-) Do what you like!


I just want to put this out there that it's surely possible to do really well without going with heroes like UAH that shoot hard, or Dragon Scorch that has a super strong AOE. I still had the highest Combat score in the game most of the time. Just realize your position in the team, play accordingly. Set traps, have an understanding of storm directions and funnels, use the right weapons, understand elements, and you'll be fine. Switching up heroes is so much fun!

I did my final 5 missions with Wukong because I like the card so much and wanted to end it with him. I really am glad that I didn't know what the "best" heroes in the game according to the community are, otherwise I wouldn't have enjoyed the experience that much.

Look at the husks in this game. I find the Smasher cute rather than menacing, especially when asleep. Your characters Ride the Pony, llamas make quips when you hit them (I love the "hoe" pun), you have to make large bunnies for events, you have pink bunnies running around with shotguns, large dudes Riding the Pony on a building while their glowing fort defends itself, burning and chopping husks.

For me, it all would've been much less fun if I had gotten into the whole competitive/meta part of it.

Have fun with the game peeps, it's not a difficult game at all to really be worried. XP investment is a real thing for sure, but if you know and like a hero, jump in with full commitment.

Again, all this is just my opinion based on my experience till the end. I really don't have anything against people who write or believe in tier lists.

Last note and a suggestion

I have one suggestion to plug in here:

Please give us the option to either- A)Reset skill trees and reallocate B)Buy skill points for event gold. It really hurts to not be able to try the new Hover Turret post-buff. As far as I remember, there was no indication in-game that skill points had a cap.

Nevertheless, I'm sure the above point has been raised before, and happy to see from previous posts that you consider the community suggestions seriously.

Thank you EPIC for creating such a wonderful game! I still play it daily in the hope of pulling more mythics, and mostly for trying out the great weekly content and QoL improvements that are coming out in the last few months.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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