History of Fortnite: The positive evolution. Part2

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - History of Fortnite: The positive evolution. Part2


If you wonder what is this, I've made a post 4 months ago on what Fortnite has seen throughout approximately a year, if you haven't seen it, make sure that you have plenty of time and that you REALLY want to read a wall of text.

Part one here. Note that it stopped at Patch 5.10. We'll be starting today from that point, until the latest patch in date, taking into consideration the notes from the previous road map posted by Magyst, available here.

Once again, I apologize for any grammar mistake and outrageous other mistakes that may appear as English isn't my main language. Today I'll also check what happened outside of the patch note, just like the previous time, I'll talk about what's worth noting. Last point, it will remain subjective, you may not agree with everything there!

Short introduction, up to date: European PL131 Llamurai enthusiast. I still haven't played BR since then.


Special mention to the current mode around Arena

As Epic Games is showing interest into new missions, it is important to talk about the recent trend that started from
sylon - History of Fortnite: The positive evolution. Part2

Sylon's stream. What is the arena?

Set to Twine SSD10, ONE challenger will be stuck within a small area with few cover, facing the PL140 husks besieging the base. It is YOUR work to keep on surviving as much as you can.

Of course for those of you that thought about it instantly, Explosive Weapons are BANNED.Find the greatest Hero Loadout, pick up your favorite weapon and try to survive. Beware of the Blasters.

Shoutout also to
allurasc - History of Fortnite: The positive evolution. Part2

Allura streams for running Arena as well, thank you to all the streamers that I haven't mentioned with my most sincere apologies if I forgot you.


Patch: 5.20

Pretty interesting patch that covered a great source of resources and gold since then: Once the last encampment is cleared from Destroy the Encampments, it will end the mission. Unfortunately the timer of 20:00 is still up in the other missions from the same type, it was greatly appreciated by the community and is still a thing.

HUD Update: Mission control for difficulty and vote has been added to more modes.

Power Level requirements have been increased for Canny Valley and Twine Peaks ayy.

Weekly Horde Challenge, it was a great add-on to an already amazing mode imo, it added this extra dose of I'm playing the same mode but with different factors which could have got you to play differently. This week was MINIBOSSES.

Patch: 5.21

  • Machinist Thora has been added to the Event Store, just Thora.

Patch: 5.30

Defenders are now consuming less ammunition and durability, it represents a major buff for the 4 Players mission that are still usually being played with defenders.

  • Bundlesbuss has been added to the Event Store, 'nough said.

(CONTENT UPDATE) Kunai Storm has been added, a new spell, great! It looks promising!

State of Development – August 2018

Just kidding it was for the other mode. Just in case. Nonetheless, it shows a great amount of valuable data in a nicely structured report.

Patch: 5.40

Mega-alerts are now a thing! Many of us got their missing Legendary survivors or a few Mythic out of those alerts, it impacts 4 Players mission which are now all element storms with modifiers and a Miniboss.

Difficulty of normal missions from Plankerton to the end of Twine has been reduced, many are happy with that change and I'm glad that the game got more friendly for a lot of players that just want to enjoy the game, which is not my case, I like difficulty.

Compensation for missing rewards

If I remember correctly by that time, there were major issues over the 4 Players missions where you wouldn't receive the rewards of the mission and/or be kicked. It forced Epic to create a post-portem. Which I would not like to talk about, it was a communication disaster unfortunately.

On a good note, Ray's volume has been increased. Impossible to even find the right words on what Ray brings to this game, she is perfect!

53 bugs have been corrected within this patch note, chapeau bas !

Patch: 6.00

Kevin from the other mode is a thing and it doesn't bring anything to us, keep going! Authentication Protector now brings space to your Armory and Backpack, a great security feature with a nice carrot to appeal.

Cram session is live, every drop is doubled, alerts bringing gold, more alerts, no V-bucks drop (Which turns out to roll approximately 300 V-Bucks a day lolol) etc etc; What a great time to be alive!

Riot husks are now live! + Great shop add-ons.

Patch: 6.01

  • Lead Sled Hammer & Obliterator have been added to the Event shop, 1 incredibly strong hammer with a sniper that is still being used as a great building destroyer and/or weapon for defenders.


A new way of supporting Content Creators of Save the World, Epic Games had this amazing idea. When supporting a creator, each time you spend V-Bucks, a % will go to the Creator, which can be withdrawn later on. List of content creators on the previous link.

Even if it was supposed to disappear at the end of the year, the community applaused this initiative and made it become permanent.

Please*, make sure to have a Content Creator chosen, it may sound wrong asked that way but it helps them creating more and it doesn't cost you anything.*

Patch: 6.02

  • Noble Launcher is back in the Event store, no comment required.

Patch: 6.10

  • Grave Digger is back in the Event store, what's up OGs? AlluraLurk

Dupe Prevention is now live for Mythic Lead Survivors, as an already greatly appreciated feature from the community, Epic went a step ahead!

Beta Storms are now live! First version was a bit frustrating compared to the one live right now because there was still a down time, great addition nonetheless.

State of Development – October 2018

Now it's our time, for the first time, we got to see the new front end improvements with the announcement of StW not being F2P in 2018 even though many of us guessed it but hey and the first teasing of the New Hero Loadout.

Patch: 6.20

Jeez I have goosebumps, Fortnitemares is back which means … Hexsylvania! This is such a great environment to progress in, its design is just gorgeous. + The set of heroes from this event is AMAZING, all great reskins!

Shared Hero Damage modifier has been taken out of the game, that's the first time such event happens and to be fair, no one regrets you being deleted, cheers. Do you guys even remember about it? I didn't.

  • Bloodfinder A.C. has been added to the Event shop, another great time to be in Public lobbies!

Patch: 6.21

Perk Caches can now be found in game***, woop woop!***

Volcanic & Vortex modifiers have been added for Mini-bosses, it is a rare addition to the game which represents a nice attention from Epic Games, not much discussions were made around Mini-bosses.

Patch: 6.22

Fortnitemares part 2 is live, you can now fight Vlad as a Taker reskin, an Epic fight concluding a captivating event!

Werewolf Dire & Sanguine Dusk are now live, they represent new perks now and new gameplay then, especially Dire will take a big place within Frostnite event as a major role for the PL128 challenge.

Candy Corn LMG is now the quest reward from the part 2, the community is divided between yay and nay, it remains an exclusive weapons with an unique perk and a cool audio.

Patch: 6.30

Front End interface is now live! Save the World looks all smooth, yet confusing for many players coming in with a new Research System and a new Skill Tree!

Collection Book has been extended and its rewards have been improved, if you feel like this is bad now, just imagine.

(CONTENT UPDATE) 8-Bit Demo returns to the Weekly Store. Hey u/magyst you had fun teasing us while Reddit was spamming you to see it coming back uh?


Patch: 6.31

Canny Valley Act2 is now live, woop woop again! Ghost towns are now appearing in Canny & Twine. Alerts have been balanced, increasing the quality of their rewards.

  • Airheart has been added to the Event store, another new skill has been added, it didn't have much love but this is a great new addition, looks promising. ONE CLAP.
  • Six Feet Under has been added to the Weekly Store, if you have been playing Frostnite, you must have heard great about it, why? It can have 2 movement speed perks.

Patch: 7.00

Canny Valley Act3, it's now completed, also meaning that the Storm King competition now arrives! Teased a few days after, taking down the Storm King by January 1st 2019 will make you eligible to receive a Storm King pin, actually arriving by now in many houses.

The Cram session ended, it will mark many players out, coming back to the reality looks tough!

Players at maximum level are now gaining XP again to get rewards, no more 0XP gained at the end of the mission, woohoo.

Scavenger and Hydraulic sets of weapons are now part of the normal llama / loot rotation, with the promise of doing so with more events in the future to promote build diversity and player experience.

Patch: 7.10

Frostnite is up, a refreshing and challenging gameplay. It somehow felt like Challenge the Hord which already was a waited impatiently event, Frostnite definitely filled its role of event as a whole part, that could even have been exploited more by the devs!

Downtier crafting is now live! How many of us have not paid enough attention and upgraded a weapon to a higher level without having enough resources for it? No longer an issue.

Just a mention that for the holidays, we had the rotation list of llamas for the period of December 19th – January 1st.

The 14 days of Fortnite

Each day a new challenge with some cool rewards, the attention is here, sweet!

  • Epic Games break during the holidays

Following weeks were quite sad for players that were really invested such as me, I felt quite abandoned for some time but people working there definitely needed that, family time is important.

Patch: 7.20

First of all, Frostnite PL128 is now a thing, an end game challenging mode that took quite some time to get the grind and gears nice and smooth, completing it rewards the players by a crown banner. A record now, Spexx and Dari, cleared the Frostnite challenge 61 times on stream, which equals to approximately 5 Days 16 Hours and 14 Minutes of play time. Impressive!

  • Ice Queen & King are now live!

Item reset option to get a full refund of the resource invested is now a thing (Items before the patch AND items having changes can be eligible in the future).

RE-PERK sources now grant even more! REPERK cost has been reduced.

X-Ray llamas

Suppositions tell that this decision has been made for numerous reasons, as an European I strongly believe that it is linked to other videogames reports due to gamble.

Nonetheless, you can now see what's inside the first llama before buying it,
more details available.

Patch: 7.30

Spectral Blade is now live! With no mention over the recent dev reaction towards the ninja build, this is a great weapon. Another change from this patch made a new interaction while using the sword.

Bulk crafting is now live! Downcrafting was nice but suffered from practicity issues let's say, bulk crafting is coming to the rescue, nice and smooth.

Storm Chest is now giving a notification to all players when found, this had to become a feature so many ahem players would be brought into the spotlight. c:

Patch: 7.40

Promising feature: AFK Handling has been improved, even though it remains quite a small step, it's a step that now Epic Games is acknowledging. Looking forward to playing with a full team – Not writing that in the past, it NEEDS to be a thing now.

Seasonal Gold cap has been removed, it has been an issue since a long time, grinding gold and being stuck. At least it is not resetting at the end of the season like it used to be a while ago. Also, RIP to the Daily Coins (Ended up having 27k) that were converted to Gold.

Save the World AMA

Imo, this AMA was a success, in contrary to other devs mentioning either it's coming soon or sure that's a good idea we'll think about it, there were in-depth answers. Not all the questions have been clarified but there was a real wish of being transparent. Please take a look by yourself here, that's worth it!

Patch: 8.00

Hero Loadout is here, everyone is lost, Save the World turned into The world is panicking. Even though many players got confident pretty quickly with the new loadout, it remains a part of mystery for a good part even now. This being said, it brought a new breath to the game, fun combos and also, Outlanders not being turrets characters.

Plankerton received a visual upgrade with a hidden feature, some Forests had the

. I'm now listening to it, the feels are too damn hard, reminds me of when I started, so long ago now. Let's stop the nostalgy here.

New Beta mission: Eliminate and Collect. There is now a new mission type being tested, amazing!

XP rewarding improvements, you now gain INSANE amount of XP in Canny and Twine.

This is one of the biggest update that the game received so far, I cannot list them all, this post is already long enough.The people that contributed in writing this patch note must be insane, each of the existing characters are listed down in it.

Patch: 8.10

We are now arriving to a milestone, I want to be this last patch of the second part. Staredown Southie, my dear and beloved Shamrock Reclaimer is back, call me lazy, I just enjoyed this character, how he looks and how strong he was before the update. I'm glad that more people can now have him!

New Beta mission: Speed is key! The new mission is now a race. Two beta missions, that are already nice, requires few changes and greatly appreciated by the community, what's up Epic?!

Eliminate and Collect received good feedback! Retreive the Data beta is now back!

61 bugs have been fixed on this patch, nice one!


Final Note (TL;DR): The game has received numerous new content Canny has been finished, bringing an exclusive event for the Storm King. For the discussion about the pins, I invite you to consult the mods post.

Epic Games showed some more love and attention now that their focus has been brought to bigger parts of the game, bringing with that a whole new face to the game, from an early access we've came to a game with a great story (even if unfinished as for now), menus that now look polished, a tons of in game features to improve the player experience, from beginner to advanced.

There is still a long way to go, especially towards the community that is a recurrent issue and topic reported. I am optimist when it comes to what Epic Games wants to bring and the direction that they are taking.


Thank you to anyone who stood here from the beginning until the end. It is not necessarily one of the most useful post I agree with you but Fortnite Save the World definitely became part of what I like doing on daily basis, from reading Reddit to playing or improving my writing skills etc that I could be using for the future in other topics, digging through everything (Mistakes were made, lines were forgotten but we're here) was a pleasure for me.

Since 5.10, approximately 614 bugs have been fixed.

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