Hit the Road Postmortem – the good, the bad and the suggestions

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Hit the Road Postmortem - the good, the bad and the suggestions

While I didn't hate HtR, I felt it quickly got boring after a handful of runs. I liked certain aspects of it a lot and was expecting it to get better as the season progressed like Wargames did, but sadly it got very stale. So lets discuss what worked and what didn't, and how Epic could make future events more enjoyable for longer.

Good points of HtR:

1) New mode that was not just a rehash

2) Missions are not overly long

3) New character interactions, some of them entertaining the first time

4) Mode encouraged some different hero usage

5) Enjoyed the encounters the first couple times I did them

Bad points:

1) Way too much time doing the escort, which is a pretty boring battle against low level trash. Would have been much better if the van just moved to the different encounters like a cutscene. (ie you beat the military base, then Lars says you are moving on, and you show up at the breakdown location and that starts)

2) The final defense was the same every time, and gets very boring

3) Not that many encounters, and they get stale pretty quick

4) Fairly easy, and no way to push it to be challenging

5) Annoying wait times at beginning of matches

6) Pretty much requires multiple players, but many players bail with no consequence early and then new players are unable to refill their slots

7) Normal rewards were chosen for you, and high level TP runs would still give likely unneeded items like Survivor XP and Epic PU.

8) Character interaction was fairly cookiecutter, and gets stale after a run


9) Only unique item was the Soundwall and a couple of banners.

Suggestions to improve:

1) Remove the escort section (or make it an Encounter so you only have to do once a mission tops)

2) Allow progressing to higher PL runs with victories similar to Hordebashes ladder. So beating the 140 version should open a 145 version, and beating that a 150, etc etc.

3) PL100+ versions can add additional set Storm and Wargames modifier (like Acid Pools or UFO) to make things harder and more interesting.

4) Encounters and the final battle need more variability – couple of different map layouts for encounters and several for the last battle. The ladder versions should be fixed if you haven't beaten that version yet.

5) Let us do something while waiting for teammates (like skeet shooting or practice building towers) and then warp us to the start like the Storm King Battle. Instead of doing nothing for 3 minutes, we could do a little farming and not totally waste our time

6) Either add bots or allow players to join after starting to keep roster full.

7) More choices in rewards

8) Add more unique items that can be earned

So that's my feelings on HtR. I will probably play Beatbox once, and that will be it for HtR. It was a good effort in many ways, but I am hoping that next season the event will learn from this season's misfires.

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