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Hey guys,

So in another thread I suggested that this game (Save the World) had a tonne of potential and that I would rather Epic focused on major updates a few times a year rather than minor (or pointless) updates every few weeks. Having noticed that a few other contributors to this subreddit have shared their thoughts for improvements, I thought I would suggest my own. I would be interested to hear what people think.

So, one of my initial ideas was for how to remove some of the menus in the game, make greater use of survivors, and improve the storm shield defence. At the moment, I don't think the storm shield defence carries nearly enough weight.

My view is that home base should replace many of the menus in the game. In essence, a player would load up home base as their default location (like you would any mission; but rather than loading it like a mission, you would start in your home base). You would see home base, all the survivors, all the heroes you have, everything. In Home Base you would also have buildings that represented the different menus – so an armoury, a shelter, etc. When you upgrade your storage space, you would see the storage building increase in size. When you get more survivors, you would have to increase the size of your shelter. These could be upgraded by spending resources like brick and metal, nuts and bolts, batteries, etc.


You could assign survivors to a range of additional areas: maintenance, food gathering/production, patrols, etc. This way, more survivors become necessary to operate, run, maintain, and ultimately protect home base.

The Storm Shield Defence would thus become 'defend home base'. You establish defences around the perimeter of home base. You shore up the buildings to provide extra protection against the husks. The building of proper defences, trap tunnels, etc, thus becomes even more important: if your defences are breached, the husks attack home base directly. If you lose, you should suffer some sort of set back. Maybe injured survivors and heroes, destroyed buildings, etc. If they do breach the defences, maybe the mission could shift from 'defend home base' to 'evaluate the shelter', where the goal is to get your survivors to safety.

In essence, I not only want to see home base but I want to feel as if home base is actually in danger – which given the story, it really should be. The game feels far too 'safe' at the moment.

This is just a brief overview, but it is something I've been thinking about. I imagine a few will dislike the inclusion of 'loss' in the game but given its survival elements, I feel that loss or the potential for loss is important.


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