Horrible variety in 4x misson rewards

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Horrible variety in 4x misson rewards


First of, I got to say I really enjoy playing Save the World. But its very annoying having to wait for materials leading to progression into the latter stages of the game. My main concern, is the way you set up 4x mission rewards. If those mission rewards, like todays rewards in Twine Peaks, are really bad for you, you have to wait 24 hours for mission resets.

If I only have time to play this game on weekends, and you put out the worst 4x mission rewards for me, its not even worth playing at all. Today I put in like 6 hours of grinding 4x drops and lightning in a bottle, and jumped from 102 to almost 107 power level. This is because I have loads of survivor xp already. This was a great day for me, and the most fun Ive had playing this game in a long time. But I wish it could be like this everyday.

I understand why there is so many people quitting the game in Plankerton and Canny, because this game takes alot of time when it comes to progression. Its a struggle and a real grind to make it to max level. And I have no problem with that. But I think I should be able to decide what I want to farm whenever I need it. Why do you have to be in control of the way I want to play the game?

You are literally dictating when and how long it takes me to progress further in this game. And I dont understand why it should have to be this way. I mean, there is a reason why you have the choice to pick and choose from so many different missions, right? The missions have variation when it comes to rewards, and different aspects when it comes to modifiers and what type of mission it is. Why is it then, that you have nine 4x survivor xp missions in Twine Peaks today?


Please change it up, and give people the choice to decide what they want to farm, and when they want to farm it. You already have the Research Points system**.** Those are rewards that are gradually accumulated over time. A certain number of Research Points are granted per hour. That means it takes extremely long time to make it to max level, even if you play the game 12 hour straight every single day, with or without the help of 4x missions rewards.

With the way the 4x mission reward system is set up right now, I log into the game and check what 4x mission rewards are up , and thats the main deciding factor whether or not Im going to play the game or not. And thats not the way it should be in my opinion.

My suggestion would be to have 4x mission rewards, always give different evolution materials and perkup/re-perk. That way, people can play on their own time, and decide whenever and whatever they want to farm. Another suggestion would be to rotate the 4x mission rewards more often. This would make for a more fluent experience for everyone, and it doesnt take away from anything else in the game.


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