Hoverboard Upgrades~ About time to get some more speed?!

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So, we all know the hoverboard is in STW; and while it's ''cute'' and kinda fun, it still feels rather lackluster to move around with; especially with ninja's and outlanders basically being able to outrun people on hoverboards by using their active skills…

So, why not introduce a mini-questline in Canny and again in Twine that upgrade the hoverboard's speed, and jumping ability; Maybe make the Canny valley upgrade the speed to 2x as fast; and the jumpign height 1.5x as high (I know this seems like a lot, but it's only out-of-combat usage; so it really just makes things more fun / faster for us to move around; no balance issues). Then, in Twine you could unlock 'active' skills for your hoverboard; maybe one that kinda works like phase shift; or something that clears out bee's/poison around your board so you can move through those unhindered…


At any rate, regardless of what the exact upgrade would be, do you guys agree that the Hoverboard needs some more juice to make it really effective, considering they feel kinda useless now most of the time, even for getting around the map?

(Obviously, not a high-priority kinda deal; but just sharing what I feel would bring a slight improvement to the game, which shoudln't take much effort)

ALSO! Could make the board a lot cooler; maybe introduce board skins (yay $$$! Epic loves $$$!) that can be unlocked with Vbucks, or Gold, or Quests, or crafting, whatever.

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