How can I block fortnite, either at IP Router level or via the xbox console?

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - How can I block fortnite, either at IP Router level or via the xbox console?

Hi there, I am a concerned parent dealing with a child with autism. My son is a gamer but has problems when playing fortnite, often having violent outbursts when losing. I am at breaking point today when after losing he went into a violent tantrum, destroying his room and smashing his phone.

He is fine playing literally any other game (online or otherwise) but there is something about fortnite that brings out these behaviour problems. He happily played his computer for a few hours today without any problems, but I stepped out of the room to do some work around the house and within 15minutes of playing fortnite he was in full meltdown.

I am here as a last resort reaching out to anyone who might be able to help with a solution for blocking fortnite. I have uninstalled it countless times but he will download it the moment he is not being watched (As i'm sure you can understand, I simply don't have the time in the day to watch him the whole time he is playing xbox). I also don't want to ban him completey from the xbox because he is fine with playing other games and I don't want to take his hobby away from him.

I've spent an hour searching google without any luck.

Any of the following solutions would be ideal:

  • Blocking Fortnite servers at IP Router level
  • Blocking access to Fortnite from the Xbox store
  • Password protecting fortnite to prevent it being launched
  • Any other suggestions that will stop Fortnite being playable

TLDR: (With respect to other redditors) I am not asking for parenting tips or behavioural management techniques – Believe me, we have tried everything at this point. I am looking for a technical solution to ban/block fortnite.

EDIT: Thanks for all the replies! I was able to block Fortnite and for any other parents with a similar problem, here's how I did it.

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The option requiring a password for store purchases was already enabled but as Fortnite was free to play, this did not stop him downloading it.

After logging into my microsoft account (which was the parent account to both his xbox and Windows 10) I was able to block access to fortnite using the Microsoft family features.

Once logged in I was able to click on the link to see his recent activity and found an option to block. I was able to block access on both Windows and Xbox.

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