How can so many game breaking bugs still be in this game? And we deserve compensation for it.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - How can so many game breaking bugs still be in this game? And we deserve compensation for it.

Since the start of ventures season 2, so many bugs have been mentioned and even been added the the trello board. Yet, some haven't even been touched on or is still being investigated. How the heck is this possible? And some even bigger ones have been introduced this recent update. To list game breaking ones:

  • Almost any husk type that deals AOE type of damage can inflict damage through walls and damage ANY objective (been in the game since the start of the new venture season)
  • Sound Walls, a very widely used trap in jail builds and such, can cause enemies to phase though any wall (introduced in recent update)
  • Damage Stacking glitch, basically loads of damage can be achieved by attempting it, even 1 shoting MSK parts in all phases (re-introduced in recent update, was in the game a few months ago during hit the road event but was patched eventually. Yes I know its fun, but still game breaking)
  • Crashing in endurance (been like this since the start, I don't think they can do much about this, but its been in the trello board for a few seasons. People waste hours of their time just to get kicked off the server without them doing anything)

There are more bugs not listed above, but you get the point. The worst part about these is that these are all detrimental to all of us. First off, in ventures, xp has been increased from last season (by about 1 million I think). Getting as many badges and stuff completed in each mission is key to getting more. So doing a RtD mission and getting every file is a good way to get more xp efficiently. But due to bugs like these, I end up with games where the data has about 3/4 health health, and I have 11 corrupted files. This equals less venture xp and more time to waste doing these missions again.


And guess what happens in the end, absolutely nothing. They fix the bug in a few months (if it even does) and pretend like it never happened to us. Yet we waste more time and effort, just for the game to be like "your loosing 3 files and you can't do damn crap about it".

If game breaking bugs that effect everyone occurs, WE DESERVE COMPENSATION! I don't care if its just venture xp or other stuff, this means less time wasted for me and everyone to finish getting to level 50 and be able to do other stuff till next ventures. Look at BR's side of things, the fortnitemares challenges ended 1 day early. AND THEY ARE GETTING COMPENSATION. We had to deal with this crap for a whole 1/2 months and you think its fine to leave it there once you fix it. We play your game for efficiency and want to make good use of it. But if I have to play twice as many missions due to a bug equaling less xp obtained, then I might as well give up like the rest of the community. Give us compensation for bugs that ruin our experience, or at least fix them within a week.

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