How do we feel about the idea of “Legendary” Mini-bosses?

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - How do we feel about the idea of "Legendary" Mini-bosses?

So mini-bosses have been in the game for quite a while now. Only coming in Epic rarity, these enemies are nothing more than regular enemies turned into bullet sponges, that either die in a single hit of a +130 weapon, or are borderline immortal due to tank/some other unfair combination of buffs.

So this is what I had in mind. As it stands, they prove to be enough of a threat to not really warrant changes. But what if we could instead see the implementation of different kinds of mini-boss alerts?

First "legendary miniboss" type being our standard epic mini-boss of course. But similar to the way some events, or endurance handle them, it'd be cool to have several (regular husk or husky husk) mini-bosses spawn at once or throught a match, each dropping their own rewards upon death. Given there's several, it'll make people prepare better in advance (several could be weak to traps, ricochet, etc), or if people don't prepare they'll likely get their base ruined in seconds.

Second "legendary miniboss" type I'd like to see implemented is the usual mist monsters. Outside of events, we only really see the smasher being a miniboss, instead of blasters or takers for instance. It'd be a nice change of pace to be forced to avoid a 1 hit K.O. taker lunge or blaster laser when the base is being overrun by huskies.

Third and last, keep the mist monsters mini bosses from the previous idea as epic, but also introduce legendary variants which are more powerful: not by extra health buffs necessarily, but by being mechanically different to take out.

  • While some weapons are capable of controlling mini bosses, the most reliable way to do so with these new ones is to hit enough weakspots on them, possibly the yellow glowing areas which already exist on mist monsters?

  • Maybe this weakens them so you can deal extra damage, or maybe it just slows them down so you can stall for the mission requirement to be reached.

While I doubt this would happen, it would be amazing to see these enchanced mist monster recieve an upgraded arsenal of attacks to use: – Takers could have an extra attack that randomly picks a player, teleports behind them and attempts to land a quick hit that gives the player a random debuff. – Blasters could have a laser attack that has to be charged for a couple of seconds, before unleashing a deadly blow that phases through builds. – Smashers could be given a special charge that focuses players, and if hit, you'll basically be grabbed & pummeled to death like a L4D Charger, unless a teammate manages to stun or get the Smasher's attention, setting you free.

All of these special attacks should have some way to prevent them by stunning the mini boss, be it special 6th perk weapons or enough weak spot hits.

  • To sum it up, think of these legendary mini-boss variants of regular mist monsters as mini storm kings, with their own weak spots and special attacks. If Epic is kind enough, maybe they even get their own unique appearance and sounds.

But yeah, those are 3 ideas I could come up with for more mini boss variety, the first 2 being more reasonable ones within this game's limited management focus. What do y'all think, would this make the game more fun or more of a nightmare?

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