How Does Anyone Play This Game in Public Matches?

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - How Does Anyone Play This Game in Public Matches?

Brief background: I have two accounts, one is max level and I can either solo every mission or play with friends so I rarely have to enter a public lobby. My second account is about 2/3 through Canny and over the last week or so I have indulged myself by dipping my toe into public lobbies when I don't have anyone to play with.

Findings: Every mission, yes every mission, has one or more leeches or AFKers. I just played a PL70 Refuel the Homebase because there were very limited options for doing a Ghost Town. First siphon one player helps, we get all 3. Next no one helps so I grab one blu glo and go about looking for my quest items. With about 8 minutes left I type in the chat: "better do some siphons or we fail." The guy that helped with the first starts building around one and one of the others does the same. The 4th does nothing. The second player gets one blu glo and stops. The other player, instead of stopping after one or two goes for all three and it ends at the exact time the mission ends and we fail.

Had I not typed anything in the chat I'm sure they would've done nothing as I had already completed 4/6 and surely they expected me to get the last two. I don't care if you are gathering quest items or farming as long as you do the bare minimum to help us succeed. I don't expect to get a level 4 or 5 chest in public matches but at least do something.

Fortunately I don't have to torture myself by entering public matches so I'll only play on my second account when I have someone else to play with but what about the average player that doesn't have this luxury? How long will a player stick around when they realize that just about every public mission has leeches and/or AFKers?


That's a massive problem that must be addressed or there won't be many new players. Secondly with the increase in XP (particularly Survivor XP) the leeches and AFKers will soon be running rampant in Twine. I've already read several posts here and on other social media sites detailing this exact issue. I really hope a solution is put in place soon or this game runs the risk of killing itself.

I know there have been many suggestions on how to deal with this but here are a few I thought of that I find would help with the specific missions where I see this most often.

Build the Radar Grid: must collect at least one full reward (must place at least one piece of one radar) to get any mission rewards.

Rescue the Survivors: must collect at least two full rewards (rescue or help rescue a survivor) to get any mission rewards.

Destroy the Encampments: must collect at least two full rewards (destroy or help destroy an encampment) to get any mission rewards.

The other missions are a bit more tricky but the above three are the ones that I have experienced the most leeching/AFKing. To those of you that have to deal with this on a daily basis I feel for you and hope it gets better soon. My advice is to send friend requests to other players that contribute to the success of the mission and look for like minded players here or in a STW discord.

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