How I battled an addiction to Outlander Antics. (Spreading awareness to the lost ones)

Fortnite battle royale fortnite sniper 1920x1080 f072fcef414cbe680e369a16a8d059d8a01c7636 1024x576 - How I battled an addiction to Outlander Antics. (Spreading awareness to the lost ones)

I hate to admit it. One night I was curious so I bought Arch-Jess. I leveled her up to 30.

I got greedy so I leveled up another Jess for support.

I got curious again so I moved a Recon Eagle Eye Scout to Legendary and plugged her into Support.

But greed set in yet again.. I began weighing out my options.. do I want more harvesting tool damage, or odds to pull double loot? I bit the bullet and swapped the roles. Upon sitting on stacks and stacks of mats I couldn't even utilize, my addiction didn't stop there…

The next thing I realized… I was pumping out FAT BluGlo siphons. I needed the movement speed buff, I was hitting every fragment on the map, I had to go fast!

How was I going to clear every lootable crate on the map before my team reported me for ignoring the objective?

Would I have enough time to slip into the base and place a common floor spike before the final storm phase? Do I even want to do that? I could recycle it… let me build a wood wall instead.

I decided enough is enough. I bought Raven because I didn't have any good offense hero, My addiction made me retire the ones I once loved to fuel the quick surge of limitless power.

I loaded into a new mission with Raven. This is a new life now. A whole new meaning. I felt slower, I felt shackled to the common lifestyle. Slave to the norms and it pained me.


A few slow, weak strikes with my pickaxe on a tree next to the landing site, as bunny-suit Penny built. I felt pointless.

Some high level commuter dropped me a low durability Deathray to try and cheer me up, he could see the life being drained from me.

The mission fired up and it was now time to cut the self loathing, I needed to pay back for all those times I looted a sparkling white safe over reviving a blonde ninja who was just trying to save a survivor.

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'REEEEEEEEE' Could be heard over the horizon as this ugly smasher stood before me. As time slowed down, I could hear nothing but the thumps in my heart.

The time is Now.

I hit that Dual-Pistol ability and let the bullets fly.

DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF My shots landed in great succession as Penny and UAH cheered me on through watery eyes. Instantly I was hooked.

It was at that very moment, I realized there was more to life than getting an extra slice of bacon, or punching a brick wall… or even being sassy when I go to dance.

Next time you,or a loved one, are struggling with a demon inside, I challenge you to go above and beyond. Those few extra nuts and bolts mean nothing to me anymore. I am a Raven.


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