How i defeated the Storm King!

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - How i defeated the Storm King!

I know this probably isn't impressive to many of you but let me tell you my tale of how I got to defeating him…

Before you guys shun me, I do come from… the "other side" of Fortnite. (bought STW a while ago because I played it on my brothers account and really enjoyed it)

After buying it I played but didn't do much progression wise as I just really enjoyed running around and doing missions. I really wasn't too fussed about getting through the campaign very fast but after seeing the storm king pin, this urge came over me (as a collector of game merchandise and Pins in particular I wanted NEEDED to have this Pin from Fortnite).

So this is where it truly begins.

I started to do all my quests to get this Reward mid December(I think it was around 10th/14th but don't hold me to that). I was around PL24 and was only at the start of page 6 of Plank. As I spent a few hours every day grinding away thinking there was plenty of time. I never upgraded any of my survivors so i wasn't too bad on the XP front… Or so i thought. Things were looking good, but missions got harder. Storm Shields… I don't even want to think about the Storm Shields.

Then All of a sudden about a week later… I reached Canny Vally! Now to me this was amazing. This was a mark on my roadmap that I could see, all of these hours actually started to look like progress. But after the first couple of pages a realisation set in, things were getting harder. I needed to properly sort out my Survivors and Hero load-outs. I was a big boy now, I needed to learn how to play the game 'correctly' (So i did think i did?).

By this point, anytime that I had, went into STW… Into the grind. I became obsessed. Days and Nights flew by. Dreams of Husks and Penny plagued my mind(I don't even use constructer). But honestly, I don't think I want to do another encampment mission for a while "Round 3. FIGHT!" This grind really felt relentless, I started to doubt if i'd actually be able to do it, but then it happened… I could see it on the page. There was the quest i yearned for clear as day and it was only a few missions away… It became really serious. The very same day I got to it… "Enter the Portal". Genuinely couldn't believe I made it and i was 3/4 days early.

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But no… Was this it… All my effort for nothing. I needed to be PL 64 and me, being someone who rushed the campaign, was only PL60. I fumbled around transforming and rearranging my survivors. I used everything I had… PL60.5?

Each day I managed to slowly piece together just under 1 PL by smashing through the survivor missions for the side quest: 90 survivors, 95, 105. Just for that 40k Xp bonus to upgrade them. 2 days later and my luck struck. What was this juicy little mission? A Survivor mission with lots of survivor XP as a reward. Oh… But it was, I don't think i've ever loaded up a mission so fast… and BOOM! It took a few Hundred survivors but it happened… PL64.

I stared at the mission for a while… "Enter the Portal" …But with a play button. I loaded into the mission like a giddy child. This was it, this was what i worked so hard for and… i did it. I actually did it in time. I DEFEATED THE STORM KING. I got my email through a day or so ago and now i'm just playing the waiting game.

I can honestly say now that I really enjoyed playing through the Campaign of STW. I enjoyed the game before but do think I appreciate it more now. I thought I would of come off it for a bit after the amount i've played it but i actually haven't.

(I've also managed to get three of my "other side" players to get STW too!)

If you've taken the time to read this then Thank-you. I just wanted to share the story.

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