How i went from PL27 to PL87 (just hit 87 now) in 4 weeks.

Fortnite battle royale fortnite sniper 1920x1080 f072fcef414cbe680e369a16a8d059d8a01c7636 1024x576 - How i went from PL27 to PL87 (just hit 87 now) in 4 weeks.

First off yes i sucked this game off before anyone points that

This is just a small guide for you guys who are struggling to get into twine, and those who find it hard to increase their PL generally

First off! You wont hear this much but RESEARCH yes that thing that stacks up slowly but surely, always go for the survivor squad slots first thereafter the party slots then the normal ones. This increases PL quite a bit to be fairly honest, next time you unlock a point watch your bar smoothly go up.

Second, skill points also increase your PL nicely. This is self explanatory slowly but surely work yourself down the tree but avoid what you need you dont NEED to unlock everything, move on and go back when you have the spare skill points.

Thirdly the thing that PL revolves around; Survivor squads; Get that leader matching along with the squad, you do this and youve made life easier for yourself than to sort shit out later. Level them up equally, so for example some people do one survivor to level 11 then level the rest to level 11 before moving to level 12, another option do one to 10>20 then the next to 20 etc. If youve got the xp (from a 4x for instance), level up your mythics higher than anything else this will boost your pl and plus you will be keeping them in the long run.

Next, level legendaries and try your best to get them matching, again, the levels are different (not much but it makes a difference) when matching. Level them up to the max you can because youll be keeping them in the long run. Oh, Fortitude and resistance affect the PL mainly.

Thereafter are the epics. Ive levelled my epics to 30 no further. I think 30 is sufficient. My mythics will be going to 50 and my legendaries to 40. Legendaries at 40 and epics at 30, and so on.

Sometimes the questions pop up, should i put a legendary non-matching instead of an epic matching survivor? For PL, yes. If youve got OCD, nope. I have a non matching level 30 legendary whose PL is 82 and a matching epic next to them at PL 76. Hope that gives some insight.


MOST IMPORTANTLY – DONT RECYCLE. I BEG YOU. If you have replaced your epic survivor with a legendary, keep it. You'll need them later and trust me. Its not worth the xp and effort to invest in a new epic survivor. If you dont have the xp – be patient and grind the xp. But dont recycle ALL THE WAY UNTIL you have mythic leads and full legendary survivors, yes, till then. Because you never know what may happen.

Lastly, 4x survivor missions always a must, check online and follow what gives how much xp. Category 4? SPEED RUN THAT. That gives so much its worth it. TRUST ME.

I was PL65 or so and i complained about the PL restrictions when that came, but goddamn now i see why its so much better and it feels so much better. I can now go into 88 missions and comfortably melt husks smashers blasters. Its worth the grind. But dont stop. If you want that PL. Grind. It gets repetitive but work on that.

Theres no quick way round this unless you spend a shit ton on llamas rng gods bless you with full mythic leads you match that shit and boom youve gone up.

Hope this helps in whatever way it may help and i know, im not max PL, but i can help, i hope.

Side note – If you have got any questions at all no matter how small just ask on reddit or discord, im available! Pm me! Trust me, i ask EVERYTHING and i still ask. Survivor wise llama wise wep wise. Anything. It helps. Confused? Ask.

TL;DR – Grind. jk read the full thing, its worth it. Trust me <3

EDIT: DO ALL THEM GODDAMN SIDE QUESTS IT PAYS OUT SURVIVORS XP LIKE ITS CHRISTMAS. Helluva grind but again, want that PL? Do it. I currently have got none except ssd :). Always clock them before moving on the main mission, oh a quick way to do it. Try match the main mission with the side quests along with the zone. This helps getting multiple out of the way!

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