How I would personally rebuild STW using existing code/story….

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - How I would personally rebuild STW using existing code/story....

Save The World is an incomplete game full of band-aid fixes and bad decisions….we all know this. If I was taking what already exists (code, pathing, spawning, etc) and making it into a cohesive, complete package this is what I would do:

1) Totally separate from the other mode with no locker or V-bucks.

2) Emotes that could be purchased with x-ray tickets inside regular llamas.

3) Make hero back blings interchangeable between owned heroes.

4) Increase the power level range of each zone and kill off twine zone (stonewood 0-40, plank 40-88, canny 88-140) and put MSK at the end of canny.

5) Twine SSD's and endurance would stay as the final test beyond MSK (only unlocked by beating MSK, and MSK could only be unlocked by reaching PL 131).

6) Eliminate everything associated with ventures and every trap/propane change since the smashers stopped flying.

7) Destroy jailing by adding damage to every CC trap while taking healing/health 6th perks off traps (and a 20% nerf to base kyle & powerbase).

8) Make ALL questlines available all the time once you play them once (but in private only as to not mess with public games). They would stay on yearly rotation cycle for new players.

9) Make dungeons, frostnite, war games, hit the road available all the time once you play them once (but in private only as to not mess with public games). They would stay on a yearly rotation cycle for new players.

10) Re-work every energy reduction hero.


11) 30% nerfs to BFTP & TRO. Leave happy holidays alone but ditch the jingle jess/enforcer perk.

12) Everything you own automatically goes into your collection book (it's slotted, you get the rewards, and you can still use it).

13) Every BFTP hero is locked behind every 100 levels of the collection book.

14) The crit damage heroes in the game are locked behind the banner challenges (with PWO and survivor challenge requirements cut by 50%).

15) Clean up as many bugs (looking at you deliver the bomb) as possible.

16) Replace stupid llamas that no one buys (super ranged, super melee, etc) with sci-fi, wild west, art deco, etc.

17) Don't release it to the public until duping is GUARANTEED not to work.

18) Don't make anything droppable in game outside of frostnite.

19) AFK warning after 2 minutes of nothing….2nd time no warning (just auto kick).

20) Film one final cutscene of Ramirez, inside twine endurance, rescuing her family after beating twine endurance.

Just some thoughts from someone leaving the game after 2 years of having a blast……but still totally unfulfilled with the overall experience. i doubt that's everything with how broken sections of this game are, but that would go a long way in my opinion.

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