How it feels being kept out (STW Related)

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I started playing the game in mid season 3 and fell in love ever since I loved grinding each battlepas and was always excited to see the next season come. Halfway through season 4 I purchased Save The World and fell in love again slaying husks is so satisfying and being able to create intricate structures is a blast.

Recently as of patch v5.4.1 my account was disabled for no discernable reason. I've tried contacting epic and I keep getting in the automated loop of BOT's telling me to change my password or enable Two Factor Authentication.

When I finaly got to an Epic employe I asked them the reason for the ban and they responded with "Suspicious Behaviour" I have no idea what this means do they suspect me of cheating or fraud? Because that's the reasons it gives me when attempting to sign back in.

It's approaching a week without Fortnite and I considered giving in. I made a second account and logged on. No guns, no heroes, no skins, no progress nothing all gone my collection, everything gone. I load into a lobby ready to play BR I had missed the game so much I was desperate to play only to find that I was immediately sent back to the lobby and told that my PC was also banned. I felt so frustrated and sad I logged off nearly uninstalled but I couldn't bring my self to do it I didn't want to quit.


Today I'm still banned and don't have a clear response on why. Many people on this sub also seem to be suffering from the VPN/Proxy Server message kicking them from their games and I'm not the only one to be banned as a result of this. With season 6 swiftly approaching I hope Epic can fix these issues and I hope that I will be able to join in the fun again.

I just miss playing so much. I want my heroes back, i want my Home base back, I want my game back 🙁

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TLDR; Was banned almost a week ago and have had vague responses from Epic about "Suspicious Behaviour " and I'm not the only one. This post is for everyone falsely banned as of patch v5.4.1.

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