How to BE AS “EDGY” AS A TEEN IN 2018 with Reap- Raven

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ARE YOU SELF DIAGNOSED WITH DEPRESSION? DO YOU THINK YOU'RE QUIRKY CAUSE YOU LISTEN TO BRANDON URIE? WELL DO I HAVE THE LOADOUT FOR YOU. First we'll go through each individual part of the loadout, if you want to know how to be qUiRKy and EdgY scroll down.


Reaper Raven the HUNK is a battle royale skin man with little words, his most memorable quote is "dance efforts". Raven is one of the few Mythic Heros that actually matter. He has a full MEATY 45% debil stack like… MMM TASTY. He also has the rare dual pistol ability owned only by him, battle pass skin carbide the superior raven cause David Dean told me so, and the rare battle royale skins double agents. He can also cut down the cooldown of his "Hunk Guns" with pistols. Specializes in both wave clearing and high single target damage.


SMG's are counted as pistols which is very good for raven cause you get both a fast debil stack, a horde clearing hose, and a pistol for cooldown cutting.

Thrasher: 30% Crit Rating, 75% Reload Speed, 20% Energy Damage, 135% Crit Damage, 45% Damage to Snared, 30% Snare for 6s. (255% Crit Damage total)

With this fast boi you'll never see a smol number again. Only big boi crits here, who needs normal damage?


The next thing you'll need is a precision boi for the aimbot blasters and zappers, also it is good to have a pistol because no mattter what you'll always get the cooldown cut.

Duelist Magician: 30% Crit Rating, 30% Damage, 44% Phys Damage, 40% Headshot Damage, 36 Damage to Misties, HS Explosions. (145% Crit Damage Total)

This thing will make misties DISSAPEAR LIKE A DAMN MAGIC TRICK which is why I named it appropriately.


Now when you look at Raven you think of some 14 year old goth lookin ass, obsessed with bats lookin ass, cobweb lookin ass dum dum so of course you need a Scythe.

Elegant Scythe: 3.6% Life Leech, 3.6% Life Leech, 20% Energy Damage, 30% Damage, 45% Damage to Afflicted, Aff to 6s.

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Now I'm gonna be honest I hate the FU*K out of this scythe i haven't even perked one of these I just wrote out that scythe as a recommendation for what to run, the animation looks like something out of a 500$ budget 3d movie LIKE I MEAN THIS QUALITY I would MUCH rather my neon scythe.

Neon Scythe: 20% Energy Damage, 30% Attack Speed, 14% Movement Speed, 30% Crit Rating, 45% Damage to Snared, 30% Snare for 6s.


These alpha males will literally ban you from a discord server called "Kool Kids Klub" because you disturb them while plAYING OSU COUGH COUGH.

SUPPORT BONUSTrailblaster Butt: That NOICE ass and 70% Headshot Damage, with an added skull on the shirt and died hair. +1c and +2e's.

TACTICAL BONUSSpecial Forces BASSshee: Not at all edgy, pretty wholesome actually. The flashbang stun helps keep husks in the cluster bomb for MAXIMUM damage. Fun fact, i was watching the h3 podcast and they got the a subject about sex so I wrote cluster fu*k instead of cluster bomb.

    • Take out entire hordes with your Thrasher.
    • If you see a blaster from the corner of your eye immediately whip out the duelist and blast their damn head off before they can blast you.
    • When husks eventually get to your wall do this.
      • 'Nade the incoming husks stun and cluster them
      • Turn around and cleave the husks off of your wall with your scythe
      • You could always just shoot all of em' but whatever…
    • If you encounter a Big Boi you HAVE to follow these steps for OPTIMUM CLAPING
      • Empty an entire magazine into the Big Boi for a guaranteed 45% debil stack and a good amount of damage on the Big Boi, or it'll kill it that works too
      • Whip out that boom ball and toss it toward the Big Boi, for a stun and cluster bomb damage. This should kill it but if it's still alive..
      • Pull your duelist out of your back pocket and land some sweet headshots on that stunned, probably dead big boy and this SHOULD kill it it will only survive if its a trap vulnerable husk.
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  • HOW TO BE "EDGY/QUIRKY" I don't endorse any of these
  1. Don't listen to your parents, even though they gave birth to you and are literally part of you tell them that they don't understand you.
  2. Listen to music that you cant understand, the more gibberish the better
  3. Dye your hair
  4. Post things from tumbler that make little to no sense like "Distance is just a test of how far love can travel" which honestly just made me throw up typing it.
  5. Eat hot cheetos and ask for takis every day in 4th period history like its a damn currency.

That's it for this build. These posts tend to be longer when I cant fall asleep so i just do this. Due to one guy in my comments ( u/TudorPotato ) my BIGGEST MATE <3 (no homo) I'll do a Striker guide next.

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