How to be Mcree and hit that N O O N O’ C L O C K with BUTTleJess

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. Im back, even though no one asked me to be… in fact most some people were tired of these posts and i get it, they were obnoxious to read and most of the jokes were forced so now I'm writing these more organically when I want to… assuming that you care.

BUTTleJess (Ranger) is a solid 5 on the thiccness scale, yeah thats right a 5. Despite it being a Jess its green and is an overall

skin for the Ranger subclass. Rangers are a really broken class tbh like Jesus Christ it has perks that it doesn't even need. Let's start with just the pistol perks, this class literally has level up pistol damage boost, pistol crit chance boost, and pistol crit damage boost. They also have the perk "Unphased" which basically just cures any ailment when you phase shift, "Phase Shield" which forces your shield to regen for 2 seconds after you phase shift, and on top of that you have 5 total phase shift charges 5.

This means that this one class has THE BEST pistol perks in the game and one of the most broken phase shifts. Like, it was good enough that the class has 3 pistol perks just from leveling up but

SIDENOTE: Epic buff phase scout please she's basically more useless that smk, at this point you could put her in the event store and NO ONE would buy her cause now even the "Fleet" support bonus isn't unigue to her, also who needs 20% more movement speed on shadow stance? You're literally already in the moshpit of husks, there is no running going on and there are much better things you could be using a tactical slot for.


That video clip is all the flavor text I need for this gun

Bald Eagle: 30% Damage, 60% Weapon Stability, 44% Phys Damage, 40% Headshot Damage, 36% Damage to Misties, Headshot Explosions.

This gun hit HARD this thing hits like a god damn truck, were talking OHKO Smashers. Plus it feels so good to hit 7 Headshots in a row

The other two guns I couldn't care less about, this is a high noon build not a practical build. If youre going for practicality use a Auto Pistol with snare or something to slow everyone down to aim at them easier


These absolute gods of support mains will boost you till your last breath, just make sure to hit those shots.

SUPPORT BONUSUrban ASSault Thiccie: 27% Extra Headshot Damage +2c's

or if you want the slightest bit of practicality you can use another Ranger for 24% extra extra pistol damage.

TACTICAL BONUSFragment Flurry JASS: Gives teddy the ability to

for that extra damage boost, assistance, and 2c's . However you wont need it since you wan take out an entire spawn of husks with 7 shots if you hit well placed headshots.
  • Separator cause reddit will make this one segment

That's it for this build it's 3 am here, I'm going to sleep. Cya and thanks for reading.

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