How to beat a high PL level

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I know this is going to be downvoted into oblivion since the people on this subreddit are very steadfast in their convictions, but I thought this would be helpful to all the ambitious players out there (who are genuinely trying to help).

Last night, I (PL 42) and a group of three other players (all of them PL 40-50) successfully completed a PL 70 deliver the bomb to get the legendary assault transform. It was easy.

Here's how we did it (long post ahead, but tldr at the end):

1. Get Blugo Assuming you are all the same-ish power level, your combined fort stats would make you about pl 50-60. The easiest way to compensate for the gap in pl is to get the boost pylons. Get all of them, it'll save you a lot of resources and give you more survivability and a slight edge in offense.

The easiest way to do this is to use blugo siphons. Turn them on, and run away (don't waste your ammo on husks you don't have to kill). When the siphon breaks, you get 2 free blugo, and there are usually 2-3 on any map.

2. Don't pick stupid fights, don't attempt the storm chest unless all 4 of you are there and you have a good team comp.

If there is a gigantic elemental smasher snoozing on a corner of the map, don't try to kill it. Be grateful that it's asleep. If there are husks standing around something you need, like a siphon or blugo, fire a shot at them, draw aggro, grab the blugo and then run like the wind. You can probably kill them, but it's a waste of ammo. If you're an ability ninja, you cannot kill them, so just run.

3. Traps The first thing I said to my team was: "Hey so we're all a bit underpowered. We're gonna need traps galore," to which they all agreed.

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Your traps probably won't do that much damage to these husks, so I recommend using wall/floor launchers, gas traps and floor spikes for the slow, just any cc you could get a hold of. Since most missions are timed, you really just have to work together and kill smashers, while delaying everything else.


Our launcher spawned at an unfortunate location and we couldn't really build a funnel so we just put launchers everywhere and kept the husks at bay.

4. Gadgets

Surprisingly, no one on my team died even once, but I recommend you take banner if no one else on the team does. The building health gives you even more time to delay the onslaught of husks and a perk in skill tree 3 allows you to respawn at the banner which makes it all the more valuable. Heal is highly recommended as even with the pylon boosts you will be taking some damage.

If someone already has a banner, you can take supply drop as it makes building and making traps easier. Thanks to the supply drop I ended the game with a net loss of 200 of each mat and roughly 1000 bullets. Without it I probably would be out of both.

However, if you don't mind farming the supplies (or are playing an outlander), slow field is also very strong as it lasts a long time and it give your team more time to kill smashers and bigger waves.

5. Teamwork If someone on the team is obviously not trying to win, and doesn't want to help you, then just leave the game. If you are all underpowered, you all need to work together, there is no way around this. I was playing a special forces with wukong and havoc as support/tactical, with three elemental rifles and even then husky husks took forever to kill. You need to work together or you won't win.

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Tl;dr: If you want to attempt a higher level mission, you need to get all the pylon boosts, avoid fighting sleeping husks, build traps with cc, take banner, heal or supply drop, and everyone on the team needs to be helping. Good luck folks!

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