How to beat Horde PL 76 Challenge 50 | Whole lobby around PL 90 | (Can be used by lower players to beat the quest line without carry, with a few cuts because of missing abilities)

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I just beat the final horde quest for the 5k tickets. Thought i'm sharing my experience since a lot of players don't know how to beat it. It's easier than you might think.

You don't need to be the highest level to beat it, just a few mates you communicate with, gas traps and the following hero subclasses:

Demolitionist like 8-bit or Bull (at least lvl 12 <- not PL)


Controller like Hazard the 13th (at least lvl 18 <- not PL)

As you see these subclasses (tell me if i missed another) using traits to buff the decoy. The most important traits are reduced cooldown and increased radius by 1.5 tiles. I said at least lvl 12 or 18 because of the needed traits. Of course level the hero higher if you can, but you will never survive more than 3 hits anyway. (I played with Demolitionist Bull lvl 35 that'sPL 97 i guess)

You don't need common weapons like assault rifles just a launcher from time to time, but it's appropriated to not use any weapons since the effects cause more lags.

The most damage is done by gas traps (of course pl 106 are recommended), but wall dynamos and wall darts can help as well.


adrenaline rush – Everyone should equip it, use it to revive teammates

slow field – at least 2 should equip it, use it ONLY in waves with timer

Turrets – can be used but only needed for the few enemies that might get away from the decoy or to clear a kill counter wave a bit faster

I recommend that all use adrenaline rush and the slow field. Heard of some people favoring one guy with a banner but we didn't use it.

Bad luck with modifiers:

Exploding Deathburst – Just leave the mission

Healing Deathburst – doable but takes A LOT of time, i recommend to leave mostly. Maybe it gets replaced with another modifier the next wave, so if it's just a wave with timer stay for the moment. EDIT: If you are at wave 6 or 7 try to complete the mission. Wave 8 is without any modifier, except the 'no farming' one.

Acid Pools – totally fine, place the next decoy 1 – 1.5 tiles away from the last one

Tank – takes more time and is annoying but totally doable

All other modifiers are totally fine.

The main goal is to place the decoy and trap all enemies around it.

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That means. Build defences in a way that ALL enemies are influenced by the decoy. Place gas traps above the decoy area. Wall dynamos and Wall darts will help in waves with kill counter.

Important and minor Tips:

Communication. Voice chat is more than recommended. Use ingame voice chat, discord or teamspeak. Talking is needed.

Prebuild pyramid defence is enough. You can also place some half walls in front of it. Avoid complicate buildings.


Place the decoy one by one. The cooldowns are short enough that 3 guys can cover the base. A few cooldown seconds are missing to defend it in duo. In the fight it can happen that it gets confusing so always be ready to place your decoy.

Give each player a number. After a few tries in Challenge 40 we decided to give each player a number. 1 – 4. Always when someone placed his decoy he said his number, so everyone knows who is next. Sounds a bit like in the kindergarden but it's the easiest way to avoid confusion, which will happen. In the case building is needed, someone dies, placing traps is needed, or you have to kill a 'lost' enemy the player that takes care of it or is downed can call that the next one has to place his decoy.

Every enemy type is ok. Sploders are even the best since they kill for you faster than traps could do. Takers are one hit and attack as soon as the decoy explodes. Smashers are annoying because you might not see the decoy anymore and with it when it expires. If a smasher gets through let him destroy everything just build between the base and the decoy. Purple lobbers require sometimes a guy that builds a roof above the base and decoy to block the thrown skull projectiles, so you need to decoy without him.

Try not to sit in one spot. Move a bit away from each other. Worst case is that you are all downed at the same time. Sometimes are even 2 or 3 downed players critical if the alive one's can't place a decoy yet because of their cooldown.

Enemies from above are no problem if they drop on the gas trap. They don't attack the ceiling they go down to the decoy.

Since the storm closes you have to go close to your base and place the decoy there.

Storms with 2 directions will end up mostly in front of the base's corner between these 2 directions. Lead the enemies with buildings to that corner.

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You will might get a few defeats till you found the perfect decoy spots and how to block enemy path with buildings.

EDIT: Recommended Hero build – Tactical: Trailblaster – DECOY periodically damages enemies within the attraction radius.

Support: Shuriken Master – Increases all ability damage by 10%/15%/20%.

I didn't used this build, just kept the support and tactical hero from the soldier i played before.

Personal opinion:

To beat the final quest of the event and the higher challenges before was a lot of fun. It was a real challenge and even that you spend a lot of time and probably get a few defeats it's a nice experience. It was more fun than playing the 'normal' horde missions, which get boring at some point tbh.

Such a long post without begging epic to add or change something?

No. I would like to see a banner added for beating Challenge PL 50. I think players deserve it. More rewards for higher challenges. The motivation were clearly the 5k tickets. The challenge 1 rewards = challenge 2-50+ rewards, that's a downer. There is no reason anymore to play higher than challenge 1.

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