How to DELETE HEADS with T.E.D.D Shot JASS

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WERE YOU A SNIPER FANATIC IN YOUR AVERAGE 8 YEAR OLD INFESTED CONSOLE SHOOTER? DO YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN HIT AS MANY HEADSHOTS AS YOU DO BODY SHOTS? WELL DO I HAVE THE LOADOUT FOR YOU. First we go through each individual part of the loadout if you want to know how to delete heads like Hillary Clinton's emails scroll down.


T.E.D.D Shot JASS is a solid 3 on the thiccness scale, but we have to give that a -2 since she is the same class and model as pathfinder and the only sniper focused class in the game (theres Urban ASSault but that's a headshot focused hero). She has a variety of perks that boost snipers/headshots and has a really good T.E.D.D.Y uptime and damage.


T.E.D.D Shot JASS has a perk that allows her to stack up headshots to increase sniper reload speed, this will combo into our secondary weapon.

Triple Tap: 30% Crit Rating, 50% Weapon Stability, 44% Phys Damage, 40% Headshot Damage, 45% Damage to Snared, Snare for 6s. (145% Crit Damage)

The triple tap is already a stable weapon as it is but just to make sure you get that 5 stack reload speed (35%) as fast as possible I put some stability on it. Also to help with the combo snare is on this weapon so that you a nice slow husk to chain headshots on.

This weapon is a primary still, it can stack its own reload really fast so you can use it without using your secondary


As we mentioned before the Triple Tap can combo into this big boi

Spy Glass: 30% Crit Rating, 75% Reload Speed, 44% Phys Damage, 135% Crit Damage, 135% Crit Damage, HS Explosion. (285% Crit Damage)


JASS's reload perk resets after reload to you got 2 shots that can fire very fast. if you would like you can keep comboing with the Triple Tap however that's not really as effective as keeping your two speedy shots and keep unloading your fast reload, I will explain it more in the HOW TO USE section.


This big boi can also combo with 35% Reload but at close range.

SUREME SHREDDER: 30% Crit Rating, 75% Reload Speed, 20% Energy Damage, 40% Headshot Damage, 45% Damage to Afflicted, Aff for 6s. (120% Crit Damage)

Close range/35% Reload speed stack


These people will make you Bradley Cooper

SUPPORT BONUST.E.D.D Shot JASS: 70% Sniper Crit Damage.. What can I say

TACTICAL BONUSCobalt Commando/Commando: 5s more Teddy Uptime

    • If there is a husk a ways away tap on their heads with your triple tap.
      • If they live then hit them another time so you can get 35% Reload speed
      • If they are still alive then pull out the spy glass and get your two speedy shots and finish off the husk

That's it for this guide, sorry it seems rushed I tried typing this in one go and I'm watching youtube videos too so there might be typos or inconsistencies.

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