How to farm Amp-Up, Fire-Up, and Frost-Up super fast

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Note: Please do not do this in a public mission where you are delaying other people from completing the mission. If you are on a real defense mission, go partially build the base first and then do the technique I'm about to describe (and let other people know that's what you did and you will show up when the defense starts).

The key to farming Amp-Up, Fire-Up, and Frost-Up super fast is to log onto a dragon slash ninja and find a large encampment with the correct elemental trait. Personally, I need Amp-Up, so I look for a nature encampment.

As soon as the mobs come in, you dragon slash through the thickest parts of the spawn and then double jump away 3 times. This should put you far enough away that the encampment resets. Then, immediately shoot one of the 3 ecampment mobs to start the spawns coming in (there is a delay so don't wait to get back to the encampment before starting it or you will lose a few seconds). By the time you sprint back, the mobs will just be reappearing.


The type of mob will never change, so if you found a nature encampment, each respawn will also be nature. Dragonslash, doublejump doublejump doublejump, rinse and repeat until you kill 300 elemental enemies (takes about 5 minutes). This will complete the 70 Amp-Up/Fire-Up/Frost-Up repeatable quest.

Remember, don't delay the mission complete for this and make sure you tell other people what you are doing (or they will stumble in and complete your encampment). Please help build the base before you do this (Don't be a leach). That Amp-Up is not as valuable as getting end of mission rewards, so really concentrate on your mission first, and farming encampment kills second.

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