How to remove traders from this game (Tier-locking items)

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - How to remove traders from this game (Tier-locking items)

Okay, let me explain: This is my (and others) idea of how to get rid of the annoying Stonewood/Plankerton kids who spend their entire game trading, while still allowing friends to drop eachother guns (like if a new gun came out in the store, someone upgraded it, and dropped it for their friend so they can decide if it is worth upgrading.)

Basically, you would only be able to pick up / drop items that are equivalent to your zone progression. For example, a player in Canny Valley (completed Plank Off) would be able to pick up / drop every item Tier 4 or below, as that is the max level of item available in CV. In Stonewood, it's tiers 1 and 2, Plank is tiers 1, 2, and 3, and Twine players can pick up / drop items of any tier.


This feature would stop people from begging for guns/items that are overleveled for their zone (like people in Stonewood/Plank asking for PL 130s), while still allowing people to drop items for players at a similar level. This also goes hand-in-hand with Down-tier crafting, which would allow a player in Twine Peaks to craft a PL 82 for someone in Plankerton, or a PL 58 for a friend in Stonewood.

Please leave your opinion on this in the replies!


EDIT: My point with this is I want people who are in Stonewood and Plankerton to be able to actually play the game, and not have trading be holding them back from progressing.

Edit 2: Dang, this much attention for my first thread? tysm for your feedback!

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