How to restore Pistol Outlanders to their full glory after patch v10.10

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - How to restore Pistol Outlanders to their full glory after patch v10.10

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TL;DR: make the distinction between SMG's and Machine Pistols, preserving a healthy and diverse Pistol Outlander weapon pool, while allowing for the introduction of wraps and more variety in Soldier gameplay.

The situation

With the launch of patch v10.10 we saw the introduction of a new weapon class: SMG's. Introduced as a necessary step towards bringing wraps to STW, and although intended to bring more variety to gameplay (see the roadmap of concern), it has done so only for a specific class of heroes at the expense of another class.

As can be read in the patch notes, a range of weapons, both Assault Rifles and Pistols, have changed weapon type and several hero perks have changed to now also work with SMG's.

The problem

Starting with the hero perks, there are 11 perks significantly affected by this change. Of the 6 hero perks granted with the honour to work with SMG's as well as their original weapon type, 4 were originally Assault Rifle focussed perks. The remaining 2 were originally Pistol focussed perks, but note that 1 of those (Where's Lefty?) is, like the 4 Assault Rifle perks, is a Soldier class hero perk. Of the Outlander class hero perks affected, only Blaze of Glory has seen this 'buff', while the most used Pistol Outlander hero perks have seen no benefits at all.

Now coming to the weapons, while the Outlanders are already not seeing any benefits from this redefinition of hero perks, their weapon pool has also been slashed, making that this change not only brings no benefits, it actually nerfs them considerably.

Pistol Outlanders favourites like the Blastotron Mini, and even their own Founder's weapon the Founder's Quickshot have left their weapon pool, in favour of the already saturated Soldier pool.


The bottom line; while the introduction of an SMG weapon class was intended to bring more variety to gameplay, it has considerably reduced gameplay variety for a part of the player base, by moving many favoured weapons to another class which is unlikely to use them in favour of the better suiting (and often better) weapons already present in their weapon pool.

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The solution

While it is unlikely we will see the remaining Outlander hero perks being changed to also work with SMG's (even though this might be the most satisfying solution), another definition of the SMG weapon class might do the trick.

I propose a distinction between Submachine Guns and Machine Pistols, simply by their definition as follows:

"A submachine gun (SMG) is a magazine-fed, automatic carbine designed to fire pistol cartridges."

"A machine pistol is a fully automatic handgun based weapon."

In effect, the following weapons would be Machine Pistols and therefore remain Pistols:

  • Blastotron Mini
  • Founder's Quickshot
  • Lightning Pistol
  • Monsoon
  • Ratatat
  • Riptide
  • Trasher
  • Vindertech Blazer
  • Viper

Preserving the machine pistols under the Pistol weapon class would restore the Pistol Outlander weapon pool, while still allowing the easy implementation of wraps, and serving as a potential incentive to bring more weapons of the new SMG class to STW. There is room for introducing more variety in Soldier hero perks and gameplay, without negatively affecting existing play styles.

I'd love to hear your opinions on this change, and what solutions you might propose. Let's keep this constructive and hopefully have it reach the developers 🙂 And as always, keep Saving the World!

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