“How to Survive the Storm” – A Guide building Giveaway

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - "How to Survive the Storm" - A Guide building Giveaway

With all the excitement surrounding the release of the new season, we are pleased to announce a new contest where you can create your own Beginner's Guide.

kdgja09fayt31 - "How to Survive the Storm" - A Guide building Giveaway

This Smasher Statue could be yours!


Create a guide for new and returning players to help them learn or adapt (to) the game. Make sure to look at the roadmap for upcoming changes, before planning out your guide.

Your guide can be general, or focused on one of these specific topics, but is not limited to these:

  • Hero classes (Soldier/Constructor/Outlander/Ninja); note: you can either make a general guide for all classes, or you can focus on one class.
  • Beginner's guide to building (trap tunnels, main objective, what each modifier does etc); note: you can either make a general guide to building or you can focus on one item (e.g. trap tunnels).
  • Beginner's guide to the best weapons (both melee and guns) in game at the moment
  • Beginner's guide on survivor squads (what survivors to keep, what survivors to level up etc.)

Submissions can be in the form of an image, video, reddit text post (with or without image link), and must abide by our promotional guidelines:

NO advertising of any subreddit, website, app, or self-hosted project.


  • Your guide must be created after the contest began.
  • Your guide must be submitted before 2:10PM (MST) on October 28th, 2019
  • Your guide must be original with no stolen/recycled content such as screenshots taken from google or other posts, videos, text etc.
  • 3 entries per participant (Note: you can not win multiple times).
  • You can submit your entry directly on our subreddit using the flair "Contest Submission".



How the winners will be chosen:

  • The mod team will pick their top 5 entries.
  • The guide should include enough information to help a new player but not overwhelm them.
  • The guide should be easy to read and reference for a new player.


  • 1st place: In addition to the second and third place prizes, you get a Smasher Statue, a Save the World hat,a Fortnite shirt (Men's size) and 2 months of Reddit Premium.
  • 2nd place: In addition to the third place prize you also get 1 month of Reddit Premium.
  • 3rd place: Game Tutor flair on subreddit (And role in our discord).
  • 4th place: Game Tutor flair on subreddit (And role in our discord).
  • 5th place: Game Tutor flair on subreddit (And role in our discord).

All entries will be reviewed by our team by 28th of October. The winners will be announced on 30th of October.

Note: winner of the first place prize must also share shirt size (American) and be comfortable giving out shipping address (global shipping).


  • Try to think about questions a new player will have. (e.g. How do survivor squads work?).
  • Images and videos help a lot.
  • Try to keep it brief. The less text you need, the better.

Good luck, Commanders! We're excited to see everyone's creations.

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