How to temporarily fix Canny and Twine missions

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Before I start this rant/suggestion, I am going to quickly define two terms I am going to be using. A “mission” is the mission that you complete on a map – it can be a Category 1, a Retrieve the Data, Build The Radar Grid, etc. "Quests" are the quests that are in between each Storm Shield Defence (SSD) mission.

A big problem for players in Canny and Twine is the monotony of the quests in those zones. For those not there yet, the quick explanation is that there is no story. This means that Ray is no longer around to give you context for doing quests. Instead, the quests turn into simple “Complete 3 X/Y/Z in a Level+ Zone”. For example, a quest could be “Complete 3 Category 1, Deliver The Bomb or Evacuate the Shelter in a 58+ Zone”.

There are a few problems that this brings up. The first is that if you are playing with friends, and you have no overlapping mission requirements, someone has to play missions with the group where they are not progressing their questline until there is overlapping missions for the whole group. Another problem with this is if you are trying to progress via soloing the content, sometimes you can be faced with missions that are very unfriendly towards solo players (Repair The Shelter, Cat 3, Cat 4 for example). Another huge problem is simply the availability of what missions are actually available. A huge speed bump for me, and I am sure other players, was a specific Level 70 quest saying “Complete 3 Category 1, Category 2, or Category 3 in a 70+ Zone”.

What we originally had was a quest system where you could simply complete 3 of ANY type of mission to progress. What this led to however was people only ever doing Encampment, Survivor or Radar missions. People never had to farm materials, or build anything (other than Radars), and they were speeding through Canny and Twine quite fast. I agree that this had to change, but the system we have now is really not great.

So here is my suggestion. Overhaul it back to requiring any mission to progress the main quest line, however weight the missions for progress. What I mean by this is that each quest in between SSD’s will require a certain amount of “points” to progress to the next quest. These points can be earned by doing missions, but with certain missions awarding more points than others.


Here is an example of what I mean. Let's say that you have just completed Twine SSD1, and you are about to begin your Twine Peaks journey. There are 18 quests until Twine SSD2. Each quest will require you to earn a certain amount of mission completion points (between 200-500) to progress to the next quest. A breakdown of what completion points may be awarded by each mission type could be –

Rescue The Survivors – 30 Points
Build The Radar Grid – 30 Points
Destroy The Encampments – 40 Points
Category 1 – 70 Points
Deliver The Bomb – 80 Points
Retrieve The Data – 90 Points
Ride The Lightning – 90 Points
Category 2 – 100 Points
Evacuate The Shelter – 120 Points
Category 3 – 125 Points
Repair The Shelter – 140 Points
Category 4 – 150 Points

Now of course, these are just hypothetical numbers, and your feedback on those numbers would be great. Obviously the first 3 are quite easy to solo, and should award low completions points, so that in a sense they grindable for solo players, but a poor option for players in a group. As you move down the list, the missions go from single objective and static spawn (possible to solo, and easy for a group) through to multiple waves, multiple objectives and just general pain in the butt missions.

I apologize for the semi wall of text, but I feel like this system is a win win for both solo and group players. Considering that Epic have said Canny and Twine are on the backburner in favour for events, I feel like a change like this is needed for Canny and Twine.

TL;DR Change Canny and Twine back to requiring any mission to complete a quest, however give harder mission more weighting than easier missions.

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